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Debora Williams Waller3/29/2018

Debora Williams Waller They certainly need a QA group to test their software before release. Then again, they may code and load, which is not working for them. 2 ·

Sandy Butler3/29/2018

Sandy Butler Debora Williams Waller Wouldn’t we be great at this for them? I love testing software. 1 ·

Deby Abbott Jolley3/29/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley It does sound like they're coding and loading. It ain't working!!!

Debora Williams Waller3/29/2018

Debora Williams Waller Sandy Butler Stone they would not be putting out bugs in their software if we were on the job. :-) 2 ·

Subject: Does anybody know why the Cobra premiums are not reimbursed by “Your Spending Account “. Seems odd t ...

Glenda Williams3/28/2018

Does anybody know why the Cobra premiums are not reimbursed by “Your Spending Account “. Seems odd to me.

Debora Williams Waller3/28/2018

Debora Williams Waller I would guess you'd have to call Benefits to know why. :-(

Sandy Bringhurst Howard3/28/2018

Sandy Bringhurst Howard And the website lists Cobra payments are an eligible expense to be reimbursed. I called when my claim was denied and never got anything other than “it’s not covered”.

Glenda Williams3/30/2018

Glenda Williams Did you mean ineligible?

Sandy Bringhurst Howard3/30/2018

Sandy Bringhurst Howard No on the site of covered expenses, it says Cobra payments. I even took a picture of their own website and sent it back and it was denied again.

Ray Lipham4/2/2018

Ray Lipham Odd, because One Exchange, the reimbursement agent for those over 65, has reimbursed Cobra payments I have made. That sounds like another kink in the system that needs to be fixed.

Rebecca Sutherland3/29/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Did you retire? I would guess you had insurance with FedEx. How many years with FedEx?

Glenda Williams3/31/2018

Glenda Williams I worked for 28 years and I’m 60 yrs old

Rebecca Sutherland4/2/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Glenda Williams did you retire? 1 ·

Glenda Williams4/2/2018

Glenda Williams Rebecca Sutherland yes I did

Rebecca Sutherland4/2/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Are you taking the FedEx retiree insurance? This is not cobra but insurance FedEx offers retirees.

Glenda Williams4/2/2018

Glenda Williams I’m taking cobra for 18 mos. cost is $503 per month, after 18 mos, then I will do the Fedex retiree medical plan Edited ·

Helaine Tetzner3/29/2018

Helaine Tetzner I just had the same experience. They told me that FedEx pays a portion of the Cobra and that is why the cost will not be reimbursed. I asked this question numerous times before I retired and was told that I could submit for reimbursement. Where on the website did you find that the Cobra payments were eligible for reimbursement?

Liddie Money Frederick4/1/2018

Liddie Money Frederick That makes sense that they, Fedex would not reimburse them self.

Glenda Williams3/30/2018

Glenda Williams I think Howard meant ineligible. Howard

Sandy Bringhurst Howard4/2/2018

Sandy Bringhurst Howard No, on the list of eligible expense to be reimbursed, it lists that Cobra payment will be covered. Unless they have changed the website recently, it said the payments would be covered. My daughter has Cobra dental and vision and until January, I was reimbursed every month.

Subject: FedEx fleet history MD 11F - these TriJets are slowly being retired

Clayton Roderick3/31/2018

FedEx fleet history MD 11F - these TriJets are slowly being retired

John Connors3/31/2018

John Connors Came to be the workhorse of our international fleet. But in the beginning, we called it the MD-Lemon. Lots of maintenance delays. Hats off to our MX people for fixing em! 2 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/1/2018

FedEx History Trivi

aName the former FedEx executive who now:a. owns a consulting firm for top executives out of New Jersey

b. owns a company that specializes in fiber optic transmission

c. currently works for a grocery store (2)

d. was CEO of a golf thing e. was an executive of a home delivery grocery thing

f. is on faculty of the Ohio State University

g. is on the faculty of the University of Arkansas

h. Chairman of a company that builds jets

Don Rose4/1/2018

Don Rose d. Ken May 1 ·

Carl Wayne Hardeman4/1/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman c. Chris Hjelm 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/1/2018

FedEx History Triviaa. What is this aircraft? b. How many did Federal Express plan to purchase or lease initially?

Buddy Johnson4/1/2018

Buddy Johnson The Concorde. 1 ·

Mary A Johnson4/1/2018

Mary A Johnson April Fools!

Eric Brosch4/1/2018

Eric Brosch Concorde. Two of them. Wow, wouldn't that have been interesting FedEx Legends Comments & Stories 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/2/2018

2 or more Concordes was the correct answer next day service to Europe, same day service from Europe ----- Supersonic Flight (Times Article September 1981)

While many major passenger airlines are trying to return to profitability by shrinking their flight schedules, Federal Express Corp., the pioneer in overnight, coast-to-coast package delivery, aims to become bigger by flying farther faster—faster, in fact, than the speed of sound. The company is discussing with Air France and British Airways the possibility of leasing two or more of their Concorde supersonic transports. If agreement is reached, Federal Express hopes to begin flying small (under 73 Ibs.) high-priority packages across the Atlantic. According to one plan now under study, the Federal Express Concordes would fly from Washington's Dulles airport to Shannon, Ireland, where subsonic jets would pick up bundles and whisk them to major European cities. A package leaving Washington at 9 p.m. could arrive in Paris by 9 a.m. the next morning, despite losing six hours in time-zone changes. On the trip back through those same time zones, a shipment could leave Paris at 9 p.m. and reach Washington by 10 p.m.that night. Mainly because it uses about four times as much fuel per passenger as a 747, the Concorde has been a money loser since its maiden flights in 1976. The British and French governments now subsidize it at a rate of roughly $90 million a year. The Socialist government of France's François Mitterrand is considering grounding the prestige plane. Officials of the two nations will open talks next month on the possibility of ending, or at least severely curtailing, Concorde passenger flights. The plane's dismal record, however, does not deter Frederick Smith, 37, who in 1973 risked a personal inheritance of $3.5 million to launch Federal Express. Smith believes the Concorde's revenues could more than double if he converted it from passenger to package service. Says he optimistically: "It is a potentially lucrative venture." If Smith is right, the Concorde may eventually become more than just a winged white elephant. Edited ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/2/2018

If my memory is correct, FedEx requirement for the lease was that the Concorde's stay in service for a minimum of 10 more years. The United Kingdom agreed, France did not, so the plan never went forward. 1 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Trivia Answer any of the following:

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/3/2018

FedEx IT History Trivia Answer any of the following:

1. What was CARGO?

2. What was PLAID?

3. What was DADS?

4. What was MOMS?

5. What was 'Sally B'?

6. What was Broker/Select?

7. What was Saturn?

8. What was ISIS?

9. What was GEMINI?

10. What was CHRONOS?

Pat Woodruff Gunter4/3/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 👀

Buddy Johnson4/3/2018

Buddy Johnson 3. Digitally Assisted Dispatch System, right Jim Bentley 1 ·

Jim Bentley4/3/2018

Jim Bentley Yes sir!!

Subject: Notice Just a periodic reminder for anyone wanting to join this group. This is a group primarily for ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/3/2018

Notice Just a periodic reminder for anyone wanting to join this group. This is a group primarily for the Information & Telecommunications Division of FedEx. Read the rules for joining this group in the group description before asking to join.Thanks.

Thomas Blas4/5/2018

Thomas Blas Whoops, My career is mostly from Ops and Green team is that OK?

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/5/2018

Yes, anyone who worked anywhere for FedEx or is a friend or relative of an employee is fine. I get dozens of requests a month, all over the world, and many don't show in their profiles any relationship to our company. Edited · 1 ·

Thomas Blas4/5/2018

Thomas Blas OK, thought I had interloped but, you have seen my prior posts. I still bleed purple...... 1 ·

Subject: Jodie Harden do you think it will be “smooth sailing “ this month for our reimbursements?

Laura Ladd Beard4/4/2018

Jodie Harden do you think it will be “smooth sailing “ this month for our reimbursements?

Dany Hsch4/4/2018

Dany Hsch We will all find out in the next few days I’m sure LOL 1 ·

Jodie Harden4/4/2018

Jodie Harden Well, not being an overly optimistic person on this subject, I don’t want to expect “too much” but I kinda think it may be OK by now. 🤔 1 ·

Laura Ladd Beard4/4/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Buddy Johnson4/6/2018

Buddy Johnson I finally got Via Benefits (replaced OneExchange) to get our payments started. Got check last week for Jan-Feb-Mar. Hoping April check comes soon. 🤞🤞

Subject: FedEx Trivia (I don't know the answers to some of these...)

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/5/2018

FedEx Trivia (I don't know the answers to some of these...)1. Does the SFA/Pulse/whatever still exist in the company?2. Is Cheers still on the IBM mainframe?3. Is Sybase still used as a database?4. Are IBM AS400's still used in the company?5. Are Tandem computers(from Zapmail) still used in the company?6.Is the Flying Tigers Air Freight application KIAC still on an IBM mainframe?

Mary A Johnson4/6/2018

Mary A Johnson I think the last Tandem system retired a few years ago ... right before the tri-phase buyout. 1 ·

Larry Smithson4/6/2018

Larry Smithson SUPER was the last I believe just before James Barkley and Glenn retired. 1 ·

James Barkley4/6/2018

James Barkley Correct, SUPER retired 5 years ago 2 ·

Mary A Johnson4/6/2018

Mary A Johnson KIAC has been replace by K2 1 ·

Mary A Johnson4/6/2018

Mary A Johnson 1) 'whatever' still exists 3 ·

Dave Hansen4/6/2018

Dave Hansen 1. Yes. Sort of. It done using SurveyMonkey. 2. CHEERS is still on the mainframe for the time being. Workday has replaced PRISM. 3 Their are a few Sysbase databases but the overwhelming number are Oracle. 4. There is an I series at Freight at one at Ground. 5 Tandems are gone for many years now. But they outlasted and outlived Dennis Jones. 6. KIAC is now K2 and is client server. No more KIAC on IBM. All apps to be off MF by 2020. 2 ·

James Barkley4/6/2018

James Barkley Wish you well bro! 1 ·

Dave Hansen4/6/2018

Dave Hansen Thank You Mr. Barkley!! 1 ·

Jodie Harden4/6/2018

Jodie Harden But Dennis Jones said “the mainframe will be gone by 1997!” 😆😆 Edited · 3 ·

Ric Honey4/13/2018

Ric Honey Then 2000

Larry Smithson4/6/2018

Larry Smithson 3) There was a push a few years ago to get all remaining apps off Sybase and move to Oracle since it was no longer going to be supported. So, I would say no. 4) There is at least one in Fedex IT’s part of the TNT Italy integration effort. Maybe other international locations...not sure about domestic. 1 ·

Rogers Gossett4/6/2018

Rogers Gossett Workday is.... something I should not comment on in a public forum. 6 ·

Buddy Johnson4/6/2018

Buddy Johnson Bet someone got a 5-Star for bringing it in..... 2 ·

Dave Hansen4/6/2018

Dave Hansen Bet he is correct^^^ 2 ·

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki4/6/2018

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki I'm guessing CHEERS remains on MF largely due to Intl Rating & Discounting, which is the most complex MF application. It got even more complex when we implemented the Export Pricing system which ended up being an exact duplicate (just the opposite rating/discounting of import pricing) which I'm guessing was about 15 years ago. That was the last really large implementation before I went to InfoSec.

Mary A Johnson4/6/2018

Mary A Johnson Wasn't redesigning/replacing CHEERS part of the purpose for the Florida Data Center creation 20+ YEARS ago???? Edited · 1 ·

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki4/6/2018

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki Mary A Johnson yes, but it focused mainly on the rest of the revenue systems first. In order to get CHEERS off the M/F, Intl Rating/Discounting would have to go in parallel...and that system is very complex!! Edited · 1 ·

Mary A Johnson4/6/2018

Mary A Johnson Should have figured it out in the last 20 years though ... 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller4/6/2018

Debora Williams Waller No one mentioned Zip and Location on MF and the hundreds of systems it touches. Like CHEERS there has been and I guess still is a project to move it off of MF.

Mary A Johnson4/7/2018

Mary A Johnson EVERYTHING is supposed to be OFF the mainframe by 2020 ... and I think they are going to do it or die trying. 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/13/2018

Answers(as far as I know) 1. Does the SFA/Pulse/whatever still exist in the company? Not sure.... 2. Is Cheers still on the IBM mainframe? Yes, but the Cheers off mainframe application is completed and tested and will be loaded this year, waiting for another app to be completed 3. Is Sybase still used as a database? Don't think so, Oracle primarily used, although a pc based sybase was used in software only automation 4. Are IBM AS400's still used in the company? In Intl regions and at Ground 5. Are Tandem computers(from Zapmail) still used in the company? None 6.Is the Flying Tigers Air Freight application KIAC still on an IBM mainframe? No, it is now K2 and was migrated to Unix platform

Subject: Interesting article in the Commercial Appeal.....becoming a pilot is a good career field; my nephew ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/5/2018

Interesting article in the Commercial Appeal.....becoming a pilot is a good career field; my nephew is flying with a regional airline in hopes of getting on at FedEx--- FedEx, feeder airlines launch effort to recruit more pilots, starting with Delta State Wayne Risher, USA TODAY NETWORK – TennesseePublished 12:38 p.m. CT April 2, 2018FedEx and feeder airlines are rolling out a program to attract more pilot candidates through college and university aviation programs, starting at Delta State University. FedEx chairman and chief executive officer Frederick W. Smith unveiled the program in a March 22 speech at Delta State in Cleveland, Mississippi.‘Purple Runway – A FedEx Pathways Program,” is designed “to address the need to support the airline and its feeder operators with a pipeline of highly trained and qualified aviators.” Purple is the dominant color of the Memphis-based company's branding.Smith said Purple Runway is important to continued growth and success of FedEx Express and third-party feeder operators. The idea is to attract new pilots to feeder airlines, which can help the pilots gain enough experience to move into the cockpits of FedEx’s larger air freighters.“FedEx is initiating a new, industry-leading pilot development program to ensure a full pipeline of pilots for us and the industry at large,” said Smith, a native of Marks in the Mississippi Delta.It will “assist two of our feeder operators with the recruitment and retention of pilots who wish to develop their skills and experiences to eventually qualify for pilot opportunities at FedEx," Smith said. FedEx will support feeder operators Mountain Air Cargo and Empire Airlines in a collaborative outreach and engagement program to promote aviation career studies at selected colleges and universities, a company release said. The program comes at a time when FedEx has announced plans to modernize its fleet of feeder aircraft with new Cessna SkyCourier 408 and ATR 72-600F aircraft.“These aircraft purchases are part of our long-term feeder fleet strategy,” said Greg Hall, executive vice president of air operations at FedEx Express. “That strategy will not only improve our fuel efficiency and fleet reliability, but thanks to a collaborative training program through Purple Runway – A FedEx Pathways Program, we will create a reliable pipeline of well-qualified pilot applicants for FedEx Express pilot jobs, leveraging the experience they will gain in our feeder system.”FedEx Express has been aggressively recruiting pilots over the past couple years to keep pace with growth and accelerated retirements of senior flight crew members. FedEx said the Purple Runway program will aid career development of feeder pilots, help the feeders recruit high-quality, well-trained candidates and give FedEx Express an early opportunity to evaluate feeder pilots as potential applicants for FedEx Express trunk positions.Tim Komberec, president and CEO of Empire Airlines, and Mountain Air Cargo president and CEO Craig Bentley said they believe the program will strengthen their recruiting and create a pathway for pilots to move up to FedEx. The feeder fleet serves markets too small for direct FedEx Express air linehaul service and markets where FedEx Express doesn’t have operating rights. Most of the feeder aircraft are owned by FedEx and leased and operated by third-party carriers.FedEx Express operated 668 aircraft as of Feb. 28, including 286 feeders: Cessna 208B and ATR 72 and 42 aircraft. Deliveries of new feeder aircraft are scheduled to begin after June 1, 2021. Reach reporter Wayne Risher at (901) 529-2874 or

Subject: It's always interesting hearing and seeing people you worked with on the radio or tv. Cecelia Wingat ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/6/2018

It's always interesting hearing and seeing people you worked with on the radio or tv. Cecelia Wingate who is a talented singer, actor and director was interviewed on the radio about her new play she is directing starting today at Theatre Memphis. Cecelia worked many years in the Telecom department.TITLE: An Act of GodWRITTEN BY: David JaverbaumDIRECTOR: Cecelia WingateVENUE AND ADDRESS: Theatre Memphis in the Next Stage, 630 Perkins Ext, Memphis, TN, 38117RUN DATES: April 6-22, 2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock4/6/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock One day we will all be able to say “I knew Cecelia when...” And the stories will begin! 2 ·

Subject: Airport board clears path for Golden Triangle ramp project, FedEx's big expansion

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/13/2018

Airport board clears path for Golden Triangle ramp project, FedEx's big expansionWayne Risher, USA TODAY NETWORK – TennesseePublished 3:01 p.m. CT April 12, 2018 FedEx has won regulatory approval from Federal Aviation Administration for an overhaul of older sections of the FedEx Express world hub in Memphis. WochitMemphis International Airport officials know it as “the Golden Triangle,” a patch of green grass that’s one of the last undeveloped areas inside the airport fence. Thursday the Airport Authority board voted to lease about 20 acres near Brooks and Plough Boulevard to FedEx for the company’s coming $1 billion hub expansion. Airport president Scott Brockman said FedEx plans to pave it over with a parking apron for seven aircraft. “For those oldtimers around the airport, it’s called the Golden Triangle … because it was the last piece of land that really is developable,” Brockman said. The property is east of Plough Boulevard and north of Brooks and the western end of the airport's only east-west runway. The FedEx Express world hub at Memphis would grow to about 900 acres under the master lease amendment. It would add $183,900 a year to FedEx’s lease payments.“It is important for us to work with them and allow them to continue to expand their operation,” Brockman said. FedEx is preparing for a modernization and expansion that will transform its Memphis hub over the next six years. Plans call for the removal of obsolete buildings that date to the 1940s through 1970s in the heart of the hub, and replacement of them with new sorting, truck loading, and package-moving facilities.The board also voted to lease FedEx half of a vacant, 220,000 square foot office building at 3130 Tchulahoma, starting at $303,738 a year. It’s part of a continuing series of real estate moves FedEx is expected to make as it moves to streamline the hub operation and relocate functions that don’t have to be in the busiest part of the hub. FedEx Corp. on Wednesday announced $1 billion expansion of express hub at Memphis International Airport. Wayne Risher/The Commercial Appeal The building is next to an employee parking lot on the east side of Tchulahoma, across from the hub.Reach reporter Wayne Risher at (901) 529-2874 or

Ron Houston4/17/2018

Ron Houston LOVE this photo!! Brings back SO many Memories.

Subject: Great news for FedEx and St. Jude Golf ...

Debora Williams Waller4/13/2018

Great news for FedEx and St. Jude Golf

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/14/2018

FedEx Trivianame anyone in these photos...

Buddy Johnson4/14/2018

Buddy Johnson Winn in the black hat

Annie Curle Billings4/14/2018

Annie Curle Billings Gladys Hunt, Cindy Owens, Casey Carter, LaMora Simpson, Christine Tucker 1 ·

Pat McKnight4/14/2018

Pat McKnight Barry Poole

Karen Sandiford Roberson4/14/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson Leslie Hazenfield

Buddy Johnson4/16/2018

Buddy Johnson Didn’t Leslie become an MD in Orlando?

Karen Sandiford Roberson4/16/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson Buddy Johnson yes, and she still is.

Buddy Johnson4/16/2018

Buddy Johnson Karen Sandiford Roberson Nice lady. I met her when she had a diff last name

Nancy Hinds4/15/2018

Nancy Hinds Best sheriff in town - Winn Stephenson 1 ·

Marie McVay4/15/2018

Marie McVay Loved these Telecomm Events!

Gary Phillips4/15/2018

Gary Phillips Yep, we used to have fun at work.. 1 ·

Subject: Who remembers when we had to use a card in order to make copies?

Vicki Shirey Sanders4/15/2018

Who remembers when we had to use a card in order to make copies?

Dave Hansen4/15/2018

Dave Hansen Or use a code to call long distance 2 ·

Vicki Shirey Sanders4/15/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders I’m pretty sure we still had to use a code in Services when I retired I’m 2013.

Dave Hansen4/15/2018

Dave Hansen No more!!

Ben Moore4/15/2018

Ben Moore 894738

Vicki Shirey Sanders4/15/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders Ben, retirement stole my memory!!!

David Warren4/15/2018

David Warren It was like pulling teeth to get that card or code.......LoL 1 ·

Vicki Shirey Sanders4/17/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders The admins had their own card; at least we did in Legal.

Debby Black Franklin4/15/2018

Debby Black Franklin I never had to use a card for a copier, but I remember if you were in the training building they guarded their copiers! If your business was documentation, I don't think you had to do that. Thankfully. 2 ·

Sandra Fowinkle4/29/2018

Sandra Fowinkle Hired in 1973 in Little Rock. No copy machine. Two of us had to take Cessna run to Memphis who had one machine in Hangar 7. Worked on copy machine for two days printing the original flight manual for the Falcons. All the copies were produced for FAA review and approval. Happy to say FAA approved and the Falcons begin flying. Those were the good old days. 2 ·

Dany Hsch4/29/2018

Dany Hsch It’s still that way at FedEx office LOL

Subject: Mike Ducker has announced his retirement as CEO of FedEx Freight in August 2018.

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/16/2018

Mike Ducker has announced his retirement as CEO of FedEx Freight in August 2018.I always enjoyed working with him.

Debora Williams Waller4/16/2018

Debora Williams Waller Good for him !!!

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus4/16/2018

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus Congratulations and wishing him a happy retiirement!

Martha Thomas4/16/2018

Martha Thomas This is his second attempt at retirement!!!! I know he is looking forward to it! 2 ·

Kathy Guererri Heatherly4/16/2018

Kathy Guererri Heatherly Congratulations

Pat Woodruff Gunter4/16/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Congratulations Mike.

Jim Bentley4/16/2018

Jim Bentley The man who ran Duckers's Express. Thats the way employees answered the phone when he was Manager in Texas! 2 ·

Mary Drummond4/16/2018

Mary Drummond Congrats to Mike!

Peter Carabetta4/16/2018

Peter Carabetta Best of luck to you Mike.. Enjoy retirement..

Subject: How Overnight Shipping Works

Clayton Roderick4/16/2018

How Overnight Shipping Works

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli4/17/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli And that’s why we remain the most successful service organization in the history of the world! Edited · 1 ·

Bill Persell4/17/2018

Bill Persell I was always amazed that we could ship a package delivered at 9 PM and deliver it the next morning in LA 1 ·

Subject: FedEx Retiree Random Poll

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/16/2018

FedEx Retiree Random PollWhich high school did you go to???JimmyB graduated from Frayser High School, class of '69

Deby Abbott Jolley4/16/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley Blythevillle (AR) High School, class of '71

J. David White4/16/2018

J. David White Whitehaven HS (Memphis) Class of 1966.

Marsha Terry Rider4/16/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Frayser HS, class of 1971

Dickie Dunn4/16/2018

Dickie Dunn Frayser HS, class of 1960

Don Rose4/16/2018

Don Rose Central, class of '67

Jack Brown4/16/2018

Jack Brown New Albany HS, New Albany, IN Class of 1966

Clayton Roderick4/16/2018

Clayton Roderick Whitehaven 1975 :) :) 6 ·

Subject: Today marks 45 years since our fleet first took to the skies to begin delivering shipments. First ro ...

Clayton Roderick4/17/2018

Today marks 45 years since our fleet first took to the skies to begin delivering shipments. First round of flights out Memphis on April 17, 1973 with 14 planes and 389 team members.That night, 186 packages were delivered to 25 U.S. cities.

Richard Anderson4/17/2018

Richard Anderson NO - 45 years since launch in Memphis (2 years after start in Little Rock) 2 ·

Don Rose4/17/2018

Don Rose 45 years since our first "official" package flight. 1 ·

Sherry Little4/17/2018

Sherry Little You are right Don Rose! 1 ·

Peter Dangerfield5/9/2018

Peter Dangerfield I remember the unofficial start up in March with sixteen aircraft to / from sixteen cities and only sixteen packages with one being lost in the cargo net! Don do you remember this we had the cross-dock in Hangar 7?

Don Rose5/9/2018

Don Rose I remember it well Pete. We had a pool going in Hanger 7 guessing what the package count would total. 1 ·

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock5/9/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock Don Rose as I recall you had “a pool going” on MANY things over the years & I was a willing participant & sometimes instigator in said pools. 1 ·

Don Rose5/9/2018

Don Rose True story Elizabeth.

Akita Hank5/9/2018

Akita Hank Peter Dangerfieldis that how you paid for The Pickwick Palace? 1 ·

Peter Dangerfield5/9/2018

Peter Dangerfield Akita Hank Ha Ha Peter I wish I was never that lucky gambling or picking stocks. 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller4/17/2018

Debora Williams Waller The best thing that ever happened to me. A career with a fast growing, ever changing company. I thank you again for 35 years worth of opportunities. 5 ·

Sandy Butler4/18/2018

Sandy Butler Ditto Debora. I’m so proud of my purple blood and having worked for such a fine company. 2 ·

Donald Riggs4/24/2018

Donald Riggs Amazing!

Eva Lantrip5/9/2018

Eva Lantrip And I still get irritated when I hear "It's not the company it was 10/15/20/25 years ago when I started." No it's not. If it were, the doors would be closed, all 80k employees would be out of a job and we wouldn't have a retirement check coming in. Change is necessary and I'm proud to have ridden the wave. I wasn't there in the early challenging days. I came in 84 when profits were booming but stayed through no profit sharing, layoffs and 5% pay cuts. I have no complaints. I'm proud of my 29 years. 3 ·

Debbie Holmes Daniel5/9/2018

Debbie Holmes Daniel What Eva said! With only one exception, my DOH was 11/11/85 and proud of it!

Debora Williams Waller5/9/2018

Debora Williams Waller Many of us agree changing with the times or customer needs is necessary to keep the company growing and being profitable. Outsourcing the employee benefits seems risky to me. Just remember what we just went through with the medical premium vendor. 1 ·

Akita Hank5/9/2018

I thought i was in it for the duration until I ticked off my VP and the new director remembered that my boss and I had previously ticked him off. Even though I was a Project Manager (supervisor) I got relegated to Never Land during FedEx’s fabulous growth period. I knew my career at Fedex was dead. I could have spent the next 20 years in the same job doing the same thing. I opted to seek opportunities elsewhere. Worked out great for a few years then wound up back at Fedex as Network Engineer under previous director who was now the VP. I made it work for another 15 years, enough to get some retirement. So, yes I had good and bad experiences at Fedex. ·

Subject: Spoke with Exchange One (whatever their new name is) anout the post 65 reimbursement. I had turned i ...

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Spoke with Exchange One (whatever their new name is) anout the post 65 reimbursement. I had turned in a request to reimburse $520 for a hospital stay during knee surgery. Today I received a denial. I called Exchange One to find out the reason since I had turned in the itemized bill and proof of payment. I was told that Fedex only covers the cost of premiums, no medical. They said I should have reeived a letter from Fedex about this.Exchange One just recently changed their website. The old one which was up a few weeks ago showed things that were covered. Medical, Physical Therapy and many other things were covered. Now all of a sudden they aren't covered.They will cover SSA Part B, Part C, any medical premiums, dental premiums and vision premiums.

David Warren4/20/2018

David Warren Yup. crock of BS........horrible company to outsource with.....customer service in the states, everything else in India....nothings timely....retiree communications could improve. Edited · 1 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I've got 18,000 my account. I'll probably be gone before I can use it up on premiums. 1 ·

Eva Lantrip4/20/2018

Eva Lantrip Gary Phillips , that's probably the plan. 2 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips That was a total different page. Debora Williams Waller. I used both YSA and One Exchange when i retired in '13. I used up the 25,000 (that was part of the package) for med expenses easily. One Exchange was used to help supplement Medicare 'supplemental' insurance and paid up to $1020 per year. I didn't confuse them.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips Debora Williams Waller.....did get them. That no longer exists. Replaced by the lump sum as of 1/1/2018.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips It was confusing the beginning Debora Williams Waller....... took me a while to figure it out 😐

David Warren4/20/2018

David Warren Looks like Debora Waller's comments have been deleted. If you didn't do this Gary which I suspect you didn't but would have every right to do so since you posted the original, whoever monitors this FB group did and whomever did that is sneeky Edited ·

Karen Burns4/20/2018

Karen Burns The letter did state premiums only, if I remember correctly. 1 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips ....and the site listed all of the things that we'te covered.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips The letter?

Karen Burns4/20/2018

Karen Burns Yes I remember seeing that on the site previously

Karen Burns4/20/2018

Karen Burns Yes the letter, if you want to search for it....

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I don't..... not saying it wasn't but I didn't figure it all out until at least January anyway.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I went back through November and didn't find that. The only thing I found addressing One Exchange and the lump sum which was incorrect. it showed I would get $27,000. I got $18,000. I did get a letter later on correcting that. Most of the info I have seen here addressed pre 65 information. Not saying it's not out there but I never saw anything saying the post 65 account was for premiums only. I do know the pre 65 account is for premiums only. 1 ·

Karen Burns4/20/2018

Karen Burns Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you were post 65. 1 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I did find this......

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I guess that is what this info is saying. So anyone post warned. I sent in two claims for the same thing and they didn't tell me why they were denied until today when I was on the phone for about half an hour.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips Karen Burns, I'm sorry too but that's beside the point. 😂🤣 1 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips I never got that letter. 1 ·

Karen Burns4/20/2018

Karen Burns It was posted in this group back in November I think.

Irene Williams4/20/2018

Irene Williams On the letter dated Nov 30, 2017 from FedEx to: Post 65 Retirees, Spouses,and Medicare disabled Retirees,it said:

Irene Williams4/20/2018

Irene Williams Your one time HRA credit can be used to pay for health care (medical, prescription drug,denta, and vision) premiums/contributions ONLY. It can no longerbe used to pay for all IRS eligible expenses(such as deductibles and copays). Since there was no comma after health care or (, it implied that only Premiums were covered. However, when I called to ask about this on Feb 8,2018, Rachel at FedEx benefits told me medical expenses were covered and the letter was not properly worded. Apparently Rachel was wrong too.

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips Wow. Well, like I said, there was another problem with the letter. They show amounts put into the account based on age at the time of retirement. I retired at 60. According to the letter I should have $27,000 my account. I know that's incorrect.

Susie Coyle Richardson4/20/2018

Susie Coyle Richardson I'm actually grateful i don't have this benefit 😉

Carla Slattery Moore4/20/2018

Carla Slattery Moore I went on the site yesterday and found that out too. I thought I was just senile, and had been mistaken about the medical expenses. 1 ·

Gary Phillips4/20/2018

Gary Phillips bummer, huh? 1 ·

Carla Slattery Moore4/20/2018

Carla Slattery Moore Gary Phillips yes!!

Subject: Changing banks...does anyone know who or what number I contact at Fedex to have my pension auto depo ...

Bill Pickron4/20/2018

Changing banks...does anyone know who or what number I contact at Fedex to have my pension auto deposited to the new bank?

Buddy Johnson4/20/2018

Buddy Johnson Bill, I think you have to make that change through OneExchange or whatever that outfit is called. There is an 800 number for their Customer Service that can assist.

Susie Coyle Richardson4/20/2018

Susie Coyle Richardson 2 ·

Liddie Money Frederick4/20/2018

Liddie Money Frederick I have changed banks several times in the last 5 years for my pension check to go to another bank, and I did it here: Login- FedEx Edited · 1 ·

Bill Pickron4/20/2018

Bill Pickron Thanks!!

Subject: FedEx N2FE from Birmingham Airport (England, UK). I think we all flown on one these a time or two :)

Clayton Roderick4/24/2018

FedEx N2FE from Birmingham Airport (England, UK). I think we all flown on one these a time or two :)

Kathleen Towle4/24/2018

Kathleen Towle Love our Falcons!!!

Clayton Roderick4/24/2018

Clayton Roderick That's a Bombardier Global 6000 :) 1 ·

Kathleen Towle4/24/2018

Kathleen Towle Clayton Roderick I know! I was remembering our Falcons! 1 ·

Mike Adcock4/24/2018

Mike Adcock A Global Express was once dispatched for several colleagues and myself to ferry us home to MEM from Toulouse, FR. We were all stuck in various cities in Europe after business trips due to the huge volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Commercial carriers couldn't risk their aircraft potentially operating through the ash. Good ole FedEx dispatchers and corporate aviation determined if they could go far enough south (TLS), that the Global could fly high enough to avoid the junk in the air. It worked and we were a bunch of tired but happy campers after the nine hour flight. 3 ·

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli4/24/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli The Global is an amazing Machine. I have flown on them many times!

Subject: Pilots view flying the Corporate Jet :)

Clayton Roderick4/24/2018

Pilots view flying the Corporate Jet :)

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli4/24/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Yeah, baby! Been there, done that many, times!! Not exactly the Pilots’ view, but certainly close enough!! Edited · 3 ·

Jean Evans Kirksey4/24/2018

Jean Evans Kirksey Pilots amaze me...I just don't see how they are able to get that huge piece of machinery in the air... 2 ·

Subject: Could anyone point me in the right direction to open a retiree FedEx account? Can’t find it online. ...

John Connors4/24/2018

Could anyone point me in the right direction to open a retiree FedEx account? Can’t find it online. Thanks!

Cathy Wallace4/25/2018

Cathy Wallace What kind of retiree Fedex account ????

John Connors4/25/2018

John Connors Discounted shipping through Express.

Linda Cook Thorn4/25/2018

Linda Cook Thorn I kept my same account. You could call FedEx customer service to be sure. 1 ·

Debby Black Franklin4/25/2018

Debby Black Franklin I had to close mine while I was still an employee. Seems somebody in North Dakota figured mine out and was using it to ship. Since it was coming directly out of my bank acct, that was quite painful.

John Connors4/25/2018

John Connors Yikes! Hope the bank covered you for it!

Debby Black Franklin4/25/2018

Debby Black Franklin John Connors FedEx did cover, but they wouldn't issue a new acct number. Not sure why.

Cathy Wallace4/25/2018

Cathy Wallace Yes I would just call cust service , I too have had mine for many years, but believe I just called the toll free #

John Connors4/25/2018

John Connors Thanks Cathy. I did call them and they took care of me. Good advice! 2 ·

Subject: Do retirees have discounts with any rental car companies? Can’t recall.

Kay Brown Moody4/27/2018

Do retirees have discounts with any rental car companies? Can’t recall.

Sharon Fordham4/27/2018

Sharon Fordham Aarp has discount on a lot of different Co.

Cathy Wallace4/27/2018

Cathy Wallace Check Priceline, or orbitz, usually better deals if u just need a small car. U can even bid, I've gotten cars for as little as 9 dollars a day 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller4/27/2018

Debora Williams Waller Enterprise, Hertz and National. There are rate codes assigned to each FedEx Company that you need to provide to the rental company. This information can be found on the FedEx Retiree Club web site if you are a member. If not I can PM you the applicable corporation rate code. 1 ·

Kay Brown Moody4/27/2018

Kay Brown Moody I would think I am already a member of the FEDEX retiree club site...text me the site please. I think I am!

Debora Williams Waller4/27/2018

Debora Williams Waller FedEx Retiree Club

Kay Brown Moody4/27/2018

Kay Brown Moody thks. Recall now.

Lisa Daniel4/27/2018

Lisa Daniel Airline member discounts on hotels, cars and cruises

Helaine Tetzner5/11/2018

Helaine Tetzner I am a retired FedEx employee. I tried joining the travel club. The site is not accepting my personal email account. The system is looking for a fedex email. Any ideas how to join as my Fedex email is no longer active.

Terrie Hoerning5/24/2018

Terrie Hoerning I’m having the same issues.

Subject: Donna Rae Hubel-Meza > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza4/28/2018

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza4/28/2018

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza I understand it pays premiums.

Jodie Harden4/28/2018

Jodie Harden You can continue your FedEx insurance but you pay the entire cost. The company will give you a lump sum payment (1 time) to be used “as you see fit” to reimburse your “premiums only”. It’s tax free $$$. 1 ·

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza4/28/2018

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza I would qualify at 55? 1 ·

Jodie Harden4/28/2018

Jodie Harden Donna Rae Hubel-Meza yes. The lump sum payouts start at 55.

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza4/28/2018

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza Great

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza4/28/2018

Donna Rae Hubel-Meza Is it a pretty good deal?

Jodie Harden4/28/2018

Jodie Harden Donna Rae Hubel-Meza when you consider most other companies provide nothing at all, it’s a very good deal. However, with healthcare costs continuing to go up, the large sum they give you can disappear quickly.

Marsha Terry Rider4/28/2018

Marsha Terry Rider It depends on your hire date. There was a date (can't remember when but in the mid- late-80's) that grandfathered those hire before that date to be eligible for Retiree Health Benefits. If hired after that, then no benefit. IIRC, I only qualified by about 12-18 months and I was hired in Dec.'86.

Jodie Harden4/28/2018

Jodie Harden Marsha Terry Rider I’m fairly certain what you’re talking about was the change in “how many years of service you had to have, to qualify for the retiree healthcare. They increased it in the late 80’s. Since she has 30 years, she would definitely qualify.

Cathy Wallace4/28/2018

Cathy Wallace Donna Rae Hubel-Meza the problem is the cost for. Medical/dental/eye is 1268.00 a month , so the lump sum goes very quickly the most u could get was 39,000. So in just over two years all money will be gone... Best place for accurate info is 1-855-6221 retirement center Edited ·

Karen Burns4/28/2018

Karen Burns The chart starts at 55 I believe 2 ·

Larry Smithson4/28/2018

Larry Smithson I started in ‘ I fall into the age 55 with 20 consecutive years. There was a date prior that only required 10 years consecutive, but I don’t recall when that is. Effective January 1, 2018, new hires are not eligible for retiree health care. 1 ·

Marsha Terry Rider4/30/2018

Marsha Terry Rider That's it Larry - that's what I was thinking of: the pivot date from 10 to 20 years.

Helaine Tetzner4/29/2018

Helaine Tetzner If you retired in 2017 or after you can go on Cobra for 18 months which is 1/3 the cost of the FedEx ins. The downside to that is you are not able to have your premiums reimbursed while on Cobra.

Cathy Wallace4/29/2018

Cathy Wallace My cobra was 851.00 a month before I went back to Fedex retiree ins, in 2017, which is now 1268.00 It's all a lot more expensive now !! Still worth it to me, but just need to be prepared for high costs Edited · 1 ·

Bill Persell4/29/2018

Bill Persell When I retired they dropped your insurance immediately and you had to go on Cigna at full cost. At that time (2011) it was $800/mo. Until you’re 65 and can get on NMedicare. Still worth it. Retire as soon as you can. It’s truly wonderful. 4 ·

Geana Allen4/30/2018

Geana Allen sounds like you're having a great time

Subject: Near miss or Near hit :)

Clayton Roderick4/30/2018

Near miss or Near hit :)

Rogers Gossett4/30/2018

Rogers Gossett yes. 1 ·

Subject: Does FedEx have a website for retiree benefits such as standby air travel?

Reid Martin4/30/2018

Does FedEx have a website for retiree benefits such as standby air travel?

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/30/2018

The only site I know of, is a listing of some information on the FedEx Retiree Club (; you have to join that club to see the page. I did a copy of the basic page below so you could see what it contains. ------------------------------ FedEx Retiree Travel Benefits and Procedures Welcome to the FedEx Retiree Travel Benefits section. This is your best source for the most current information about travel benefits available to you. NOTE: Not all of these discounts may be available to retirees of all FedEx subsidiaries. Please check with the provider to verify that you qualify and be prepared to show your FedEx Retiree badge if needed. FedEx Retiree Travel Request Form (April 2015) FedEx Interline Travel Instructions - Please read this packet before completing the forms. FedEx Interline Travel Forms - choose appropriate form(s) below: Form Q Personal Travel Rate Quote Form R Retiree Request Form Form R Passport Required Form (Emirates) Personal Interline Travel eticket Refund Request Form Delta eTicket Change Request Form If needed, you can mail the travel request forms to the following address: Global Travel 3875 Airways Blvd. Building H, 2nd Floor Memphis, TN 38116 This FedEx interline travel discount is only available to retirees from FedEx Express, FedEx Services and FedEx Corporation. Please read the packet in its entirety paying close attention to the code of conduct and dress code section. Any travel utilizing this discount should be considered a privilege and any misconduct may result in this discount being discontinued for FedEx employees as well as retirees. Hotels Hotel discounts are honored locally and not enforced nationally. Retirees need to check with the desired hotel and identify themselves as FedEx Retirees and ask for the FedEx discount. The discount will be offered based on availability. Be prepared to show your FedEx�Retiree Badge, if needed. Personal Car Rental Discounts Information: FedEx Global Travel has negotiated rental car discounts with three major companies and they are available to FedEx Retirees. This page explains those discounts. Disney Vacations: Orlando/Anaheim Another personal leisure travel offer available to FedEx employees and retirees is Get Away Today ( or 1-866-349-8747) which offers Disney vacations to either Orlando or Anaheim. It's Disneyland's 50th anniversary and there are lots of deals and special activities going on. Travel Websites Offering Interline Discounts Not all of these discounts may be available to all FedEx subsidiaries and/or their Retirees. Please check with the provider to verify that you qualify and be prepared to show your FedEx Retiree badge, if needed. Aero-Marine Interline - Airway Vacations - American Airline Travel Specials - ASU Travel Guide - ASU.COM Dynamic Travel - Click on the Non-Rev Info link on the left hand side and enter User Name: Non-Rev Password: interline. Subject to verification by the Cruise line. ID90 Travel - Magellan - Open Skies Vacations - PERX - Interline World - Interlining Plus - ©2017 FedEx Retiree Club. All Rights Reserved. Legal Notice Not all benefits apply to all FedEx subsidiaries; check with the provider to determine if you qualify. Discounts and advertisements are provided for information purposes only and are not endorsed by the FedEx Retiree Club. Page Updated 9/13/17 FedEx Retiree Club 1 ·

Reid Martin4/30/2018

Reid Martin Thanks

Deby Abbott Jolley5/1/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley Thanks for sharing!

Phil Jody Thornton4/30/2018

Phil Jody Thornton Reid there are many sites, far to many to list. If you send me a private msg

Phil Jody Thornton4/30/2018

Phil Jody Thornton Not all are FedEx, but FedEx employees are eligible for most

Subject: FedEx History Trivia Which of the following is yes or no? or true/false?

Jimmy Glenn Burk4/30/2018

FedEx History Trivia

Which of the following is yes or no? or true/false?

1 . If a family member used the employee's shipping discount number without the knowledge of the employee(for business) ...can the employee be fired?

2. If a customer refuses to sign for a package...and employee beats him up.....can the employee file a GFT?

3. Was it at one time, an acceptable practice(by their mgmt) for a support group to just blame Telecom if they made a mistake?

4. When Customer Service had tens of thousands of abandoned calls suddenly....did they just immediately blame the network and staff?

5. When the Mainframe was having software issues, was Customer Service just advised to tell Customers there were Network problems?

6. Was it at one time...ok for IT staff in a cold climate to wear shorts....but not OK for IT staff in a hot climate to do so?

7. Was it at one time policy that ladies had to wear hose?

8. Was it at one time policy that men in IT all had to wear ties?

9. At one time, International Cosmos response time was 30+ seconds, while the field response time was 5 seconds....then over the space of a month.....International response time went to 1-2 seconds?

10. At one time, you could get two 10 percent raises a year?

11. At one time, you could buy stock cheaper than it was on the exchange?

12. At one time employees could buy gas at wholesale prices?

13. At one time employees got turkeys or hams?

Bill Pickron4/30/2018

Bill Pickron Probably all true. I still blame Telecom for all the bad things that happens!! 🤣🤣

Clayton Roderick5/1/2018

Clayton Roderick 1 - yes, 8 - yes, except for Gary Holmes 3 ·

Mark Hughes5/3/2018

Mark Hughes I know Gary won at least one Five Star Award for implementing the software that dimensionalized packages as they moved through the sort system. Great guy and also an incredible, 5 time Hawaii Ironman finisher. He is missed. 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

Story 1 Gary Holmes: One time Gary attended a meeting with Dr. Ponder(CIO). A few hours later Gary receives a call from Dr. Ponder. DrP: Hello Gary this is Ron Ponder, how are you doing today? Gary(surprised at the call): Oh, I'm doing good.... DrP: That's great Gary, how is your job, are you getting the resources you need and is everything going ok? Gary: Oh yes, doing fine.... DrP: Gary I would like to ask a favor of you.....Do you think the next time you attend one of my meetings, that you could go and find a tie.....and put it on??? Gary: Sure I can do that. Dr.P: That's great Gary, have a nice day..... --- Gary then went and found a clip on tie and kept at his desk. For Halloween, Gary would wear a T-shirt with a tie painted on it. 6 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

The software that Gary developed was called Future Ops. It pulled images of oversize packages from MSDS into a system and calculated dimensional charges for suspected oversize packages. Customer Service wanted 200 agents to manage the system. Gary developed an algorithm and reduced the number of people to manage it, to 25 people. This system netted about $25M in profit each year to FedEx. 5 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

Story 2 Gary Holmes was working at Cylix and came to interview for a position at FedEx around 1981-82. He was interviewed by Jim Moore, and maybe by Jim Bentley. Gary didn't own a suit, sportcoat or dress shoes. So, he borrowed his father's suit which was a couple sizes too big, and his father's dress shoes. He was was the first and last time I ever saw him in a suit. Edited · 4 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

He was about a few months from retiring and on vacation in California with his bicycle club on a ride. A lady who was on some prescription drugs with a baby in the car, had some type of road rage and swerved her car head on into the group of bicyclists, breaking the arm of one lady and hitting Gary head on causing many fractures and brain injury. He passed a way a few years later having never recovered. 3 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

4 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

Gary was an Electrical Engineer with a knack for systems programming. Once he was asked to write a low level interface on a Tandem computer for Customer Automation(customer pc's) that another group had worked on for a couple weeks. Gary wrote the software in less than a day and it was put into operations for PowerShip 3 He liked to talk....a lot.... Once he was assigned a project that he kinda of worked on for several weeks that would save the company about $30K a month. He hadn't finished it having been involved in too many social conversations. On a friday I told him that if he didn't finish it by Monday morning, I was going to write the software, in one day,,,and I would get all the credit.....he finished it that day..... and I never saw it, but Gary probably did wear a tie and a tuxedo on a FedEx Sales cruise. He was invited to attend this event from a lady he knew from Hawaii who was a fedex sales person. 5 ·

Mark Hughes5/3/2018

Mark Hughes Yes, that's Gary at Ironman Florida. Notice that he had a camera in his hand. He'd take photos during the entire race. And also, because he was a Tech Wizard, he put two video cameras on his bike, one facing forward and one backward, so he'd have two complete photo journeys of his 112 miles Ironman bike ride!

Mark Hughes5/3/2018

Mark Hughes Malou! She has left facebook. Great person!

Clayton Roderick5/4/2018

Clayton Roderick Yep - I remember his PS3 commuication software, GHX - it was x.25 software running on several sun sparc 10 servers. It save the day :) Edited ·

Helen Hjelle5/1/2018

Helen Hjelle all true. your trivia quiz games! 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/9/2018

ANSWERS FedEx History Trivia Which of the following is yes or no? or true/false?

1 . If a family member used the employee's shipping discount number without the knowledge of the employee(for business) ...can the employee be fired? YES Sometimes there might be a warning, but you could get fired if a family member uses your discount for a business

2. If a customer refuses to sign for a package...and employee beats him up.....can the employee file a GFT? YES

3. Was it at one time, an acceptable practice(by their mgmt) for a support group to just blame Telecom if they made a mistake? YES Especially when International expanded in the mid 80's, many took Intl promotions. That left inexperience staff, how had few in the department to train them. It became a solution in some departments to do this. I interviewed a person who left one of these support groups to find out why. They said, well everyone who had experience left, their management wouldn't help them, and they couldn't blame they just blamed the group that supported them, with the justification that that group knew what to do and should have stopped them from making mistakes.

4. When Customer Service had tens of thousands of abandoned calls suddenly....did they just immediately blame the network and staff? YES Problem turned out there was mandatory training in all the call centers at the same time. So a call center with 500 agents, only had 50 manning the phones at major call center.

5. When the Mainframe was having software issues, was Customer Service just advised to tell Customers there were Network problems? YES Customer service thought that customers would accept the reason was a Network problem, and FedEx wouldn't be blamed for that....

6. Was it at one time...ok for IT staff in a cold climate to wear shorts....but not OK for IT staff in a hot climate to do so? YES Colorado management secretly allowed shorts in the summer for those that wanted to. The rest of IT had to follow policy including Orlando where it was hot...and some wanted to wear shorts.

7. Was it at one time policy that ladies had to wear hose? YES, it was in policy.

8. Was it at one time policy that men in IT all had to wear ties? YES.......and thanks to Dennis Jones for changing that!

9. At one time, International Cosmos response time was 30+ seconds, while the field response time was 5 seconds....then over the space of a month.....International response time went to 1-2 seconds? TRUe International IT was put under Ron Ponder, CIO and he over ruled Intl execs who wanted to save money and the response time became better than domestic field locations.

10. At one time, you could get two 10 percent raises a year? YES, if under mid point

11. At one time, you could buy stock cheaper than it was on the exchange? YES, I believe you got the lower price in the past 3 months...or something like that

12. At one time employees could buy gas at wholesale prices? YES, a nice perk.

13. At one time employees got turkeys or hams? YES Edited ·

Subject: Seeing Mark's comment about Gary Holmes brings back memories of all those employees and friends that ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/3/2018

Seeing Mark's comment about Gary Holmes brings back memories of all those employees and friends that are no longer with us who were great people.If anyone wants to post stories @ anytime, feel free to do so.I have fond memories of working with Bill Strange & Kurt Wullff in Communications Software and Chuck Sertich in LHSD and many more.

Subject: FedEx trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

FedEx triviaWhat percentage of FedEx business is from Amazon?

Peter Carabetta5/4/2018

Peter Carabetta Will be interesting to see the answer... Guessing 20%

Richard Anderson5/4/2018

Richard Anderson I heard it’s only 3% 1 ·

Mark Hughes5/4/2018

Mark Hughes "In 2016, FedEx VP of Market Development Michael Glenn said Amazon accounts for just 3% of the Memphis-based carrier's revenue."

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

AL and Mark were correct; 3%

Hector Vazquez5/4/2018

Hector Vazquez Hi Pete. Hope all is well. I’m guessing less than that especially since they’ve launched their own delivery network. I’ll say less then 10 percent. 1 ·

Clayton Roderick5/4/2018

Clayton Roderick I wouldn't think too much --- since its pretty much a rainforest :) :) Edited · 4 ·

Clayton Roderick5/4/2018

Clayton Roderick I'm not sure - but i do know we restrict them during the holidays Edited ·

Chuck Siegfried5/4/2018

Chuck Siegfried Less than 1 percent

Al Cox5/4/2018

Al Cox I'll guess 3%.......

Ric Honey5/5/2018

Ric Honey I’m guessing not much since the Post Office does most of it, at least the last mile.

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

FedEx Trivia

What percentage of FedEx packages(not income) is delivered by the USPS?a. 5% b. 17% c. 28% d. 39%

Gary Phillips5/4/2018

Gary Phillips B 1 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/4/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 👀

Marsha Terry Rider5/4/2018

Marsha Terry Rider what is "not income", our Benefits letters??? Bwa-ha-ha.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

not income means not percentage of total revenue to the company but percentage of shipments

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

The answer is c. 28% ...mostly via SmartPost

Gary Phillips5/4/2018

Gary Phillips I was closer than anyone else.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/4/2018

and the percentage of total revenue of USPS business at FedEx is also about 2.5-3%; I remember discussions that wanted to limit the amount of business FedEx took on from any one customer, so that the business didn't take a hit if that business was lost. 2 ·

Rebecca Sutherland5/7/2018

Rebecca Sutherland I was working in customer service one evening and a lady called to track her usps package. 😂

Subject: The U.S. Postal Service's new recruitment video. 🙂

Clayton Roderick5/6/2018

The U.S. Postal Service's new recruitment video. 🙂

Sandra Roeder5/6/2018

Sandra Roeder OMGWTF 1 ·

Charles Mandracchia5/6/2018

Charles Mandracchia Fedex jacket was from the 90s. Edited · 1 ·

Rebecca Sutherland5/7/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Memphis recruitment? 😂 1 ·

Subject: Some galactic photos from FedExr Randy Roy: ------------------------------------- One is a new image ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/8/2018

Some galactic photos from FedExr Randy Roy: ------------------------------------- One is a new image of the Pinwheel galaxy taken with a larger scope than I’ve been using and the other is the “Whale and the Hook” galaxies.


Donald Riggs5/10/2018

Donald Riggs Awsome

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/10/2018

Randy's Photo of the Needle Galaxy NGC4565 - The Needle Galaxy

Some galactic photos from FedExr Randy Roy:
One is a new image of the Pinwheel galaxy taken with a larger scope than I’ve been using and the other is the “Whale and the Hook” galaxies.

Penny Hitchcock Hopper5/11/2018

Penny Hitchcock Hopper Wonderful photos from a wonderful man!

Clayton Roderick5/11/2018

Clayton Roderick Well, here's my astrophotography :) :)

Subject: Want to say congratulations to Ray Burk's son Alex Burk, he piloted his first commercial flight on a ...

Clayton Roderick5/9/2018

Want to say congratulations to Ray Burk's son Alex Burk, he piloted his first commercial flight on a jet this week. Way to go Alex...

Clayton Roderick5/9/2018

Clayton Roderick He's flying for Pacific Southwest Airlines, It is a regional owned by American Airlines.

Rebecca Sutherland5/9/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Nice landing. 😂 1 ·

Clayton Roderick5/9/2018

Clayton Roderick Yea -- that's not Alex. :)

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/9/2018

Ray's son Alex(my nephew) is flying for PSA....and possibly FedEx in the future.... 4 ·

Rebecca Sutherland5/9/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Jimmy Glenn Burk good luck to him. I know of half a dozen kids or grandkids wanting to fly for FedEx. Good luck to all of them. I wish we could give our family members our employee numbers. 😉 Edited ·

Subject: I wonder what this means for us retiree's??

Phil Pickens5/9/2018

I wonder what this means for us retiree's??

Dany Hsch5/9/2018

Dany Hsch Uh oh

Dany Hsch5/9/2018

Dany Hsch I’d like to know

Margaret Burkeen5/9/2018

Margaret Burkeen Mr smith spoke st the Services women’s conference today. He referenced an upcoming announcement that would make the FedEx retirement program the most well funded program in the U. S. 7 ·

Carolyn Fiveash Perkins5/9/2018

Carolyn Fiveash Perkins I sure hope so. 2 ·

Jodie Harden5/9/2018

Jodie Harden Call me pessimistic but usually when something is “in the best interest of the company”, it’s definitely “not a positive improvement for me/us!” 🤔 I pray I am wrong, this time! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 9 ·

Gale Brewer5/9/2018

Gale Brewer it smells like a sell out on the retirees. know companies have some similar and the retired employees always lose. Fred who really made FEDEX for you????? I think you know. 6 ·

Paula Crum5/9/2018

Paula Crum To take the Liability off the FedEx General Ledger, it has to be a sellout. FedEx is moving that off their GL so bottom line is impressive. Huge reduction for FedEx. So FedEx has finally become That a real Corporation First.

Subject: Message to those wanting to join this group:

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/9/2018

Message to those wanting to join this group:If your profile does not show you as a FedEx employee or friend of someone at FedEX, read the instructions in the Group description. I get a dozen requests a month from those that don't show a connection to FedEx.

Larry Smithson5/9/2018

Larry Smithson I just sent an add request on behalf of my wife.

Subject: I was wondering why I had not heard anything about the air show in Millington TN this year. FedEx us ...

Debora Williams Waller5/10/2018

I was wondering why I had not heard anything about the air show in Millington TN this year. FedEx usually contributes to the air show and now that the grandsons are old enough to enjoy going, I inquired.

Memphis Air Show

Debora Williams Waller5/10/2018

Debora Williams Waller I guess I have to wait a couple of years. 2020

Don Rose5/10/2018

Don Rose I thought this was an annual event.

Mark W Evans5/10/2018

Mark W Evans 2018 air shows and air base open houses in the United States

I was wondering why I had not heard anything about the air show in Millington TN this year. FedEx usually contributes to the air show and now that the grandsons are old enough to enjoy going, I inquired.

Clayton Roderick5/10/2018

Clayton Roderick The sneak pass :) 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller5/10/2018

Debora Williams Waller Love it !! 1 ·

Eva Lantrip5/10/2018

Eva Lantrip Bummer that there's nothing closer than Little Rock. 1 ·

Subject: New book by FedExr David Zanca!

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/10/2018

New book by FedExr David Zanca!

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/10/2018

David is also selling some of his artwork. I well remember attending countless corporate meetings....David would be doodling his art.....I would be planning all my future vacations...... 1 ·

Chip Williamson5/10/2018

Chip Williamson Love me some DZ! 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/11/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhen an employee could jumpseat....could the pilot or pilot union Ban someone for Life from jumpseat???

Bill Pickron5/11/2018

Bill Pickron No...they did not have this authority 4 ·

Shane Borden5/11/2018

Shane Borden I bet officially they couldn’t, but as the captain has final say about who rides and who doesn’t, get a bad rap and word travels fast. The pilot community is tight.

Sandra Fowinkle5/11/2018

Sandra Fowinkle Shane. You need to ease up on your comments. The pilot workforce always went above and beyond to assist jumpseaters. 1 ·

Shane Borden5/11/2018

Shane Borden I didn’t mean it like that. I’m aware of how helpful they were. Just saying that the pilots had final authority and if they wanted to make it tough, they could. Edited ·

Karen Sandiford Roberson5/12/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson They liked fresh baked cookies! 🍪🍪🍪 4 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/14/2018

Answer: The answer is No, but there have been instances where employees have been banned for life from jumpseat. It didn't hold up.

Subject: Fooling around with some new video editing software :)

Clayton Roderick5/14/2018

Fooling around with some new video editing software :)

Rogers Gossett5/14/2018

Rogers Gossett NIIIIIICE !!

Jack Brown5/14/2018

Jack Brown Outstanding!!

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/14/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Nice

Subject: Today I received information from the Fedex Retirement Center regarding the agreement with MetLife.

Laura Ladd Beard5/14/2018

Today I received information from the Fedex Retirement Center regarding the agreement with MetLife.Anyone know why pensions over $2,800 are not included in this change?

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/14/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 👀 1 ·

Subject: It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I share the news that we lost a good man today. Richard Dunn ...

Nancy Hinds5/16/2018

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I share the news that we lost a good man today. Richard Dunn passed away on May 15, 2018.Services will be at Memphis Funeral Home on Germantown Road on Friday - May 18.Visitation will be at 1:00, Services at 2:00 and a reception at the same location after services.Please keep Judy, Jenny, Brad and the entire family in your prayers during this extremely difficult time.....Nan

Mike McNeer5/16/2018

Mike McNeer That is Sad news.

Subject: Pat Woodruff Gunter > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/17/2018

Angela DeGraftenreed5/17/2018

Angela DeGraftenreed Change over to Met? And is there an issue with this change? 1 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/17/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Supposed to be a smooth non-event transition event effective August 1/18. But it makes my Blood a lighter shade of... Edited · 2 ·

Steve Dodd5/17/2018

Steve Dodd I received mine the other day. Let's hope that it will be a smooth transition and no problems will happen now or in the future. 3 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/17/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 🙏 1 ·

Pat Hardin5/18/2018

Pat Hardin I just wonder why? Anyone know? Or maybe it was in the letter that I did not open.

Pat Woodruff Gunter5/18/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter It’s all explained in the letter. Seven pages worth of explanation. 1 ·

Pat Hardin5/18/2018

Pat Hardin Hmm, glad I did not open, 7 pages, that is a book to me. Guess it will just be what it is, etc. 1 ·

Terrie Hoerning5/19/2018

Terrie Hoerning I am just a little uneasy with the change. I just have to hope FedEx took care of us, just like we did for the company all those years. 1 ·

Subject: Stunning 737 Max takeoff , if it ain't Boeing I ain't going :) :)

Clayton Roderick5/18/2018

Stunning 737 Max takeoff , if it ain't Boeing I ain't going :) :)

Terry Smedley5/18/2018

Terry Smedley Almost looked like it went into a stall for a few seconds. Awesome video! 1 ·

Subject: Note from Winn Stephenson:

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/18/2018

Note from Winn Stephenson:

David Warren5/18/2018

David Warren I'm sorry Jimmy, but what's Richard's last name? Edited ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/18/2018

Richard Dunn(Dickie Dunn on Facebook), Nancy posted in a note below. Edited ·

Nancy Hinds5/18/2018

Nancy Hinds That Winn. What kind words for the guys.. That is why he was/still is - the best sheriff in town. 4 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/18/2018

The very first people I met at FedEX Feb 1980 1. Ancel Hankins & Terry Cox(already knew them from DCC) 2. Suzanne Gaal & Kay Coop 3. Jim Moore 4. Jim Bentley 5. Richard Dunn

Nancy Hinds5/18/2018

Nancy Hinds For me 1981 - a Temp at Clark Tower. 1. Larry Lake (he opened the door for me) (are you here to work for me - No sir - Julie Matthews).... Geez - How Nan is that? 2. Julie Matthews 3. Jim Moore 4. Richard Dickie Dunn 5. JJ Wood 6. Jim Bentley 7. A girl named Holly who I cannot remember her last name.

Subject: I was able to attend Richard Dunn's memorial service today. And it was memorable, so many heartfelt ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/18/2018

I was able to attend Richard Dunn's memorial service today. And it was memorable, so many heartfelt memories and those I had not seen in many years. Many fun stories and memories from Richard's daughter Jenny, Nancy Hinds, Barry Pilkinton, J.J. Wood, and Jim Moore. Friends as far west as San Diego, and east from Cookville attended.I can't remember everyone I saw but here are some that attended: Robert Ford, Nathan Lemmon, Clark Hinds, Skip Morris, Randall Jackson, Kathy Holmes, John McDowell, David Carlile, Winn & Judy Stephenson, and many others from the FedEx Radio Engineering Dept.Prayers for the Family.

Marcie Littles Moss5/18/2018

Marcie Littles Moss I so wanted to be there but I'm in Gulfport. Prayers for his family.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia True or False

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/19/2018

FedEx History Trivia True or Fals

eThere was a time in FedEx's history where vendors had to agree to sell things to FedEx, then wait as long as 12 months before getting paid.

Marilyn May5/19/2018

Marilyn May True

Rebecca Sutherland5/19/2018

Rebecca Sutherland True

Martha Thomas5/19/2018

was up and connecting to Procurement, we were flying. Pat Holt and I spent 20+ hours a day for one stretch at the office putting order into the system. Pete Wilmott actually came by one morning (before we had gone home to bathe and change clothes) and told us to go home and stay there. I thought we had been fired. He just wanted us to sleep in a bed instead of on a desk or on the floor. The verbal history of those early days is so valuable. I would love to have those stories sent to so we can preserve them!! 5 ·

Martha Thomas5/19/2018

Martha Thomas And we would love to have you as members of the FedEx Retiree Club ( FedEx Retiree Club 1 ·

Chuck Siegfried5/19/2018

Chuck Siegfried Hasn’t changed.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/19/2018

Martha, what year did you become manager in accts payable?

Martha Thomas5/19/2018

Martha Thomas It was either 1977 or 1978. Started in 1976. I do know that we turned expense reports and customer refunds in one day if there were no errors. Put in VULCAN for small invoices. Did the on line system for Sales mileage. Used Pareto Diagram to find our volumes by types of invoices and started whittling away at low hanging fruit. Thanks majorly to our partners in IT. Gene Scanlon used to accuse me of sitting up at night dreaming up stuff to make his life harder!!! 2 ·

Marsha Terry Rider5/20/2018

Marsha Terry Rider I remember after Vulcan went in some of the vendors were paid so quickly that some started calling fearing we were going out of business. It was nice to say "well, no, we just improved our vendor payment cycle". 1 ·

Melissa Leech Ziemer5/19/2018

Melissa Leech Ziemer True. It was difficult explaining to the vendors why a corporation as large as Fedex would take 6-12 months to pay them.

Carl Wayne Hardeman5/19/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman FedEx put a friend out of business when he could not pay his suppliers for about a year. 2 ·

Nancy Hinds5/19/2018

Nancy Hinds oh no...

Bill Persell5/20/2018

Bill Persell I do remember in the early days offering vendors FedEX stock for payment. They were stupid not to take it. 5 ·

Dave Marshall5/20/2018

Dave Marshall WAS.?

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/19/2018

FedEx History Trivia

Once FedEx lost several major radio licenses in Los Angeles, supporting hundreds of couriers. The licenses were given to another company in L.A.What Happened: a. FedEx had to repurchase the licenses from the new owner b. Santa Claus was responsible for getting them back. c. FedEx did not get them back d. FedEx sued the FCC and did obtain the licenses

Deby Abbott Jolley5/19/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley I'm guessing - but I'll go with d. 1 ·

Clayton Roderick5/19/2018

Clayton Roderick d :) 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/21/2018

The answer is B - Santa Claus The FCC had sent FedEx a notice that several licenses were expiring. FedEx did not respond, so the FCC assigned the frequencies to another company. The first time FedEx knew about this was when that company contacted FedEx and asked if they had any other radio frequencies that they could purchase for the LA area. The Radio group swung into action and discovered that the FCC notice did not go to the Radio Engr just went to Federal Express Corporation and was lost into oblivion. Richard Dunn’s group got in contact with our governmental consultant who had several meetings with the FCC. The FCC wasn’t too agreeable to now take away those frequencies from the new company, and give back to FedEx...even though they had mailed the notice to a generic address The wise consultant supposedly looked at them and said something like… Well FedEx has been good, not naughty and been good for the industry… You now have the opportunity to be Santa Claus and treat FedEx right… What are you going to do? The FCC then decided to give FedEx the frequencies….which at that time were worth at least $25,000 each...if you could even find them to purchase…... 2 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/23/2018

FedEx History Trivia

Who is this speaking??? ------------- “Three rules: if you see a snake, shoot it; don’t play with dead snakes; everything looks like a snake at first.” A Wharton MBA student who heard xxxxx speak elaborates on what he heard xxxxx say: “The first rule: If you see a snake, don’t have conference calls about it, don’t leave voice mails about it, don’t have meetings about it, just kill the snake.” If you perceive a mortal threat to the firm, waste no time, and attack it before it destroys you. The second rule: Don’t play with a dead snake; keep going even if you’ve attacked the wrong threat or solved the wrong problem. The third rule: All opportunities start out looking like a snake. If a threatening snake turns out not to be a problem, turn from attacking it to using it.During a speech at Harvard, xxxxxxx explained it this way: “getting rid of a snake is sometimes a greater problem than the snake itself. People within a company…. write memos about the snake. And after the snake is officially dead, …sometimes people in an organization continue to insist that the snake is still around. They’re the people who ‘lost the argument’ and were overruled.”


Answer: Jim Barskdale

Ben Moore5/23/2018

Ben Moore JLB 1 ·

Deby Abbott Jolley5/23/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley Jim Barksdale! LOL

Don Rose5/23/2018

Don Rose Sounds like JLB all the way.

Marilyn May5/23/2018

Marilyn May It’s Jim for sure

Sandra Fowinkle5/24/2018

Sandra Fowinkle JB

Winn Stephenson5/24/2018

Winn Stephenson Yep - Barksdale. One of his favorite speeches. 1 ·

Ben Moore5/24/2018

Ben Moore That and the one about cancer of the private parts.

Marsha Terry Rider5/24/2018

Marsha Terry Rider I thought that was Dr. P

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock5/24/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock If you are going to run with the big dogs you have to get off the porch and sometimes this means you have to kill the snake. JLB was “pleased as punch” whenever a co-worker (he never thought of us as an employee) killed a snake. 2 ·

Marilyn May5/24/2018

Marilyn May This conversation brings back so many good memories....I learned so much from Jim

Subject: Jim Barksdale at luncheon with Ole Miss Students in 2017 (photo by Robert Jordan )

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/24/2018

Jim Barksdale at luncheon with Ole Miss Students in 2017 (photo by Robert Jordan )

Loretta Cameron5/26/2018

Loretta Cameron Sure missed JLB when he left Fedex. Very nice man. 1 ·

Aaron Werbin5/26/2018

Aaron Werbin Great man great leader

Bill Pickron5/27/2018

Bill Pickron It really wasn't the same after JLB left 1 ·

Terrie Hoerning5/27/2018

Terrie Hoerning True statement. He was missed by all.


Clayton Roderick5/24/2018


Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/25/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhere was this photo taken? and for what?

Karen Sandiford Roberson5/25/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson Looks like the FedEx VIP tent at the World’s Fair in Knoxville? 2 ·

Karen Sandiford Roberson5/25/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson I think I had a glass of wine in that place! 1982 1 ·

Rogers Gossett5/25/2018

Rogers Gossett it's definitely knoxville

Akita Hank5/25/2018

Akita Hank Yep! Knoxville...

Cheryl Yates5/25/2018

Cheryl Yates Knoxville Vip tent world fair 1 ·

Walt Edmonds5/25/2018

Walt Edmonds FedEx worlds fair in Knoxville. The gold ball is still here. 1 ·

Chuck Siegfried5/25/2018

Chuck Siegfried I worked the world fair for FedEx. Me and Virginia hadley. Lots of fun. Summer of 78 I think

Phil Smith5/25/2018

Phil Smith 1982 1 ·

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock5/27/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock PDS has all memories, stories, escapades, etc recorded in his brain & can still retrieve the data in 30 seconds or less! 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/25/2018

Trivia Question: Who was the manager over all the Federal Express humanoids @ the Fair? 1 ·

Akita Hank5/26/2018

Akita Hank Fred Smith’s secretary, Sharon (Smith?). Edited · 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/26/2018

Answer: it was Sharon Smith/Lucius who was initially Jim Barksdale's admin and later a Manager at FedEx. 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/26/2018

Mary Alice Taylor posted this photo recently: MaryAlice on the left, Sharon Lucius on the right. 5 ·

Karen Sandiford Roberson5/26/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson Fond memories of working with Sharon’s husband Eddie! 1 ·

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock5/27/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock Virginia Hatley (Donna Glenn’s Mother) also worked The World’s Fair in Knoxville.

Subject: I.T. - Funny analogy...............

David Warren5/26/2018

I.T. - Funny analogy...............

Akita Hank5/27/2018

Akita Hank This was going around when I was a Field Engineer in the ‘70s. 1 ·

David Warren5/27/2018

David Warren Looks like history repeats itself......

Ezra Fried5/27/2018

Ezra Fried love it

James W Jim LeMaster5/27/2018

James W Jim LeMaster I used it in my classes in the 80s and 90s!

Akita Hank5/27/2018

Akita Hank Amazing how much it parallels real life.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/27/2018

FedEx History TriviaWho is this person.....and who at FedEx was associated with him?

Jack Brown5/27/2018

Jack Brown It's Jimmy Dean, but I don't know the association. 3 ·

Paula Crum5/27/2018

Paula Crum Was it Belinda who went to work for Jimmy Dean and then came back to FedEx years later? Edited ·

Gary Phillips5/27/2018

Gary Phillips Exactly. I remember that story.. I was thinking it was Belinda or Rebecca Jones. There was someone else that worked there as well........not sure who. Edited ·

Shirley Lovelace Williams5/27/2018

Shirley Lovelace Williams Yes, it was Belinda. I was working for her when she left.

Chuck Siegfried5/27/2018

Chuck Siegfried Belinda

Belinda Watkins5/27/2018

Belinda Watkins Country Western Singer, Jimmy Dean. And I’m not going to disclose who at FedEx was associated with him. 8 ·

Akita Hank5/27/2018

Akita Hank We know but we ain’t sayin’!🤠😎😇🤞

Shirley Lovelace Williams5/27/2018

Shirley Lovelace Williams 🤡 1 ·

Donald Riggs5/29/2018

Donald Riggs Pat Boone!

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/29/2018

Answer: Jimmy Dean was the correct answer. He was a Country Western singer who also had his own TV variety show and a food company. Jimmy Dean gave a young puppeteer his start in show business (Jim Henson of the Muppets); and FedExr Belinda Watkins was the CIO of Jimmy Dean Foods before returning to FedEx. 5 ·

Subject: Read an interesting article about why large companies are making major contributions to their retire ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/27/2018

Read an interesting article about why large companies are making major contributions to their retirement plans, this year due to tax savings.Contributing this year, the tax rate is 35%, in future years the new tax code is at 21%.

Huge Companies Are Giving Billion-Dollar Bumps to Their Retirement Plans. Here's Why

Dany Hsch5/27/2018

Dany Hsch They did it in 2017, yes, for the write off! Not 2018

Subject: Where is this aircraft today ? N9FE :)

Clayton Roderick5/30/2018

Where is this aircraft today ? N9FE :)

Rebecca Sutherland5/30/2018

Rebecca Sutherland West of Phoenix, AZ

Marcie Littles Moss5/30/2018

Marcie Littles Moss I thought it (or one like it) was at the Smithsonian?

George Moore5/30/2018

George Moore There was one at the Smithsonian when I went to Washington a few years ago it's near the front door! I think Fred himself flew it to Dulles and then they tax it is over to the Smithsonian that was the story I got anyway Edited ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/30/2018

FedEx History Triviaa. what was the initial name of the FedEx group that warehoused other companie's inventory...and shipped them for the customer from memphis with late cutoffs?b. what was it rebranded as?

Marcie Littles Moss5/30/2018

Marcie Littles Moss I think one of the names was Cetecea (sp?)

Diane Conner White5/30/2018

Diane Conner White Parts Bank 6 ·

Dave Hansen5/30/2018

Dave Hansen It was Parts Banks and it is now Fedex supply chain. 2 ·

Jon Peacock5/30/2018

Jon Peacock Parts Bank.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2018

Answer: In 1974 it was called Critical Parts Supply and in 1977 it was rebranded as the Parts Bank. 1 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2018

FedEx IT History Trivia

Who wrote the very first computer automation program? a. Lydle Simpson b. Bill Strange c. Mark Ramsey d. Mike Struminger

Jim McBryde5/31/2018

Jim McBryde A or d 1 ·

Akita Hank5/31/2018

Akita Hank D

Debby Black Franklin5/31/2018

Debby Black Franklin Write in: Linda Scat! 😊 1 ·

Jim McBryde5/31/2018

Jim McBryde What about leslie? 2 ·

Buddy Johnson5/31/2018

Buddy Johnson Mark Ramsey 1 ·

Gary Pantlik6/1/2018

Gary Pantlik Mike Struminger......

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/3/2018

Answer: it was a. Mark Ramsey on an apple 2; this was followed by an Epson Meter with cassette (mostly by Steve Stewart), then came the PC based automation group, and much of it was initially programmed by Mike Struminger ...and Lydle Simpson was Mark Ramsey's manager Edited · 1 ·

Akita Hank6/3/2018

Akita Hank I remember seeing lydle walking around 17th floor with an apple computer!

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/5/2018

In Memory of Chuck Deiotte: The trivia question about the first automation program brought back some short memories. Chuck came to FedEx from Boeing Corporation. He wrote diagnostic and test software for aircraft. He loved the apple II, Unix and the programming language C way before it was popular. He was a manager based in COS supporting micro computer apps around 1980. This was before the IBM pc existed so he dealt with apple computers, Basic prog language, and it was the time of altair, kaypro and CP/M, S100 bus and way before ms-dos existed. He was a striking figure, very gregarious. He looked like Orson Wells with a beard and probably tipped the scale around 400#. It was he, who brought his apple II computer to Memphis to show Lydle and others what could be done on the apple II, how you could do pre-print airbills, provide a data base for customers etc. He wasn't received too well by the Mainframe group. He came in and recommended they throw out ACP and MVS on mainframes and replace with Unix C. He was ahead of his time. I worked for him for about 1 year, before being transferred by JLB and John Schwarzmann to Zapmail. 2 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2018

FedEx IT History TriviaWhat was the first communications protocol used to transmit data from automation devices to the mainframe?a. MNP b. XPC c. Kermit d. IPV4

Jim McBryde5/31/2018

Jim McBryde C

Buddy Johnson5/31/2018

Buddy Johnson B

Clayton Roderick5/31/2018

Clayton Roderick B

Karen Burns5/31/2018

Karen Burns C

Deby Abbott Jolley5/31/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley C

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/2/2018

Correct answer was c. Kermit 1 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2018

FedEx IT History Trivia

What was the first computer language used in Customer Automation?a. C b. Basic c. PL/1 d. Cobol

Jim McBryde5/31/2018

Jim McBryde B

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki5/31/2018

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki Basic

Deby Abbott Jolley5/31/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley B

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/2/2018

Answer: b. Basic ....then followed by Lattice C 1 ·

Subject: The Memphis Grand Carousel Returns Home

Clayton Roderick6/1/2018

The Memphis Grand Carousel Returns Home

Phyllis Schwarzmann6/1/2018

Phyllis Schwarzmann The k of all the happy children who will enjoy this

Mary A Johnson6/2/2018

Mary A Johnson Jennifer Johnson, Wilson was probably too old to have enjoyed this ...

Subject: Remember this a couple of years ago? The intern who passed those names on got fired, but I can hear ...

Clayton Roderick6/5/2018

Remember this a couple of years ago? The intern who passed those names on got fired, but I can hear his thoughts: "...totally worth it! What a story!

Clayton Roderick6/6/2018

Clayton Roderick Reacting to a San Francisco television station identifying the pilot of the Asiana flight which crash landed earlier this month as Sum Ting Wong, a Korean TV station has ‘confirmed’ the name of the Captain on the Southwest flight that went down hard at LaGuardia as Kent Parker Wright Edited ·

Debora Williams Waller6/7/2018

Debora Williams Waller It took me a second..... :-) 1 ·

Subject: ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/5/2018

Memphis-based FedEx Corp. received a $2.4 billion contract from the Department of Defense's U.S. Transportation Command. - Memphis Business Journal

Subject: FedEx IT trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/5/2018

FedEx IT trivia:At FedEx....what is the DoJo....and where is it located???

Diane Conner White6/5/2018

Diane Conner White Bldg 50 in Collierville ?

Diane Conner White6/7/2018

Diane Conner White Well, what's the answer Jimmy Glenn Burk????

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/7/2018

Answer: The Dojo is the process or group to allow application groups to work with Mentors to convert one of their applications to a Cloud Ops environment. It is located in the Collierville FedEx Learning Center off Poplar. Every 8 weeks a new Dojo environment begins with teams meeting to start this process and learn, and do actual conversions to a Cloud Ops environment. After the 8 weeks, those developers can teach their depts how to do these conversions. Most of the Mentors are in Don Fike's department and are available anytime to work out any issues fast and make these conversions successful. 3 ·

Mary Drummond6/7/2018

Mary Drummond Cool!

Diane Conner White6/7/2018

Diane Conner White Of course.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia Name the person or person(s) that had this bio:

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/5/2018

FedEx History Trivia

Name the person or person(s) that had this bio:Air Force Academy graduate Air Force Pilot Air Force Thunderbird Pilot FedEX SVP over all air operations Chief Executive at a commercial airline

Dawn Taylor Bush6/5/2018

Dawn Taylor Bush T. Allan McArtor 8 ·

Bruce Lindow6/5/2018

Bruce Lindow Gil Mook 1 ·

Dave Hansen6/5/2018

Dave Hansen Gilbert (Gil) Mook 1 ·

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock6/6/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock Gil Mook

Marilyn May6/6/2018

Marilyn May TAM 2 ·

Mike Harris6/7/2018

Mike Harris T.Allan McArtor 1 ·

Loretta Cameron6/9/2018

Loretta Cameron Not to mention very very handsome! Allan McArtor. Also Gil Mook. Someone last night said Jim McKinney too. Edited · 1 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Loretta Cameron I think the world of Allan, and Jim was an idol for any young man. Gil was a great pilot but, not the leader like Allen or Jim. Gil is a believer in rank, not inherent leadership. Liked them all. If I had to choose who to follow into combat it would be Mac... 1 ·

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas thanks. I go to FedEx Retiree Club lunches and sit with Patricia Berryhill Dhority who worked for GDM. Janet Morrow who worked for TAM also sits with us. Fun to hear other's FedEx stories. What a great book we could write. Ha. 1 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Loretta Cameron I remembered Pat and Janet. Tell them hi! I live near Pensacola now. Left Federal Express in 98 due to a family illness. Served 20 years but, not considered a retire. Still bleed purple. 1 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Oh, do I have stories!!!

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas if you had 5 years service you were due retiree status. I will tell Pat and Janet. Take care.

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Loretta Cameron I had 20. 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/12/2018

I believe Jim McKinney was an test pilot for Grumann. I heard him tell the story of flying a fighter jet at the Paris air show when 1/2 the wing fell off. He said after the initial shock he realized he was somehow still in the air and was able to figure out a way to land it. Gil told the story if being shot out of the air over north vietnam and being hung in a tall tree w his parachute overnight until rescue. .....and it was fun when Top Gun came out and Alan, Gil and Jim Mck all telling their own stories... they loved that movie 2 ·

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas I know 20 - so you should have received retirement benefits. Employees are vested at five years.

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Jimmy Glenn Burk I love reading these stories.

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Jimmy Glenn Burk Jim was a test pilot for General Dynamics and was the first to fly the F-16 XL. Gil Flew the "Thud" F-105; All of them had great stories. When we traveled it was interesting to hear them relate their experiences. Jim always had a mischievous glint in his eyes..... 1 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas McKinney was Navy..... 1 ·

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas thanks. I will let my friend know. Was he a Blue Angel? 1 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Loretta Cameron no he was not. But he was a test pilot. And a great pilot. 1 ·

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas thanks. Good to know.

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Loretta Cameron he was a good friend. And a better leader than Mook. 2 ·

Loretta Cameron6/12/2018

Loretta Cameron Thomas Blas one of my best friends worked for GDM. Thanks. I liked all three men.

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

Answers: T. Alan McArtor and Gil Mook were the correct answers. They flew the same position in the Thunderbirds but at different times. Alan created Legends airlines and Gil was CEO or COO of American West Airlines. 2 ·

Thomas Blas6/12/2018

Thomas Blas Allan was PIO Pilot while he was part of the team he was usually the demonstration Narrator in 1974... Gil actually flew on the demonstration team Left wing 1974-1975. I worked directly for both in Satellite systems..... Edited · 1 ·

Clayton Roderick6/14/2018

Clayton Roderick :) 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/20/2018

2 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia (if my numbers are correct)

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/5/2018

FedEx History Trivia (if my numbers are correct)There have been 5 FedEx stock splitsIf you purchased one of original many shares would you have today?a. 20 b. 32 c. 100 d. 126

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/5/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli 32. I’d sure like to see one more!! Edited · 3 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/6/2018

the correct answer is b. 32 shares

Subject: from Randy Roy: Hi Guys—I was out imaging until 4a this morning. This may be my favorite image to da ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/7/2018

from Randy Roy: Hi Guys—I was out imaging until 4a this morning. This may be my favorite image to date. The is from the North American Nebula. If our eyes were strong enough, we could look up in the constellation Cassiopeia and this would be about 5 times the size of the full moon.

Subject: Fred and Diane Smith at the White House for a State dinner back in April of this year. I had the hon ...

Gary Owens6/8/2018

Fred and Diane Smith at the White House for a State dinner back in April of this year. I had the honor of meeting Fred Smith just by chance while working in the Memphis Hub back in 1993. He was casually walking through one night with a few other people with him. He walked by stopped and spoke to me and a couple of others that were nearby. He was a very nice and very polite man and I was really honored that he would talk to me and others. I just wanted to share this with the group, thanks.

Rogers Gossett6/8/2018

Rogers Gossett I totally believe that way deep down, Fred loves folks on the front lines more than anybody else. 8 ·

Helaine Tetzner6/8/2018

Helaine Tetzner Thanks for sharing.

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/8/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Both great stories. When it comes to Fred, what you see is what you get. 3 ·

Sandra Fowinkle6/8/2018

Sandra Fowinkle Tim. So true. He never fails to stop and talk . 1 ·

Mike Mitchell6/8/2018

Mike Mitchell The first time i flew on the corporate jet with Fred, I was a little intimidated about being on the plane with him for the flight. We departed MEM and as soon as we got leveled off, Fred walks over to me and says "Looks like we have turkey and ham sandwiches, what do you prefer?" He proceeds to get me a sandwich and a drink and brings it over to me. Not only was he a great CEO, he was a fantastic flight attendant as well. Put me at ease pretty quick. 😁 Edited · 11 ·

Walt Mellott6/8/2018

Walt Mellott Good story Mike.

Mike Mitchell6/10/2018

Mike Mitchell were a pretty awesome manager as well. Good to hear from you.

Larry Sparks6/8/2018

Larry Sparks I too met Fred during the Zapmail startup. We were setting up our training office, making desks out of cardboard boxes. He came walking in and was impressed with our efforts. Edited · 2 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter6/9/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Hey Larry. It’s nice to run across you in here. Hope you’re doing well. 1 ·

Rebecca Felts6/8/2018

Rebecca Felts I was honored to meet him when I worked in Flight Training off of Democrat. I was taking a break and one of the "always joking" instructors had his back to him. He didn't know it was Fred asking for change for the snack machine. The instructor said: "What do I look like I have a lot of money?". Only to turn around and realize he was smarting off to Fred. Fred was a good sport about it all. It was a very memorable meeting due to the instructors foopah. 4 ·

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/8/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Fred rarely carried any cash. 2 ·

Rebecca Felts6/8/2018

Rebecca Felts Timothy Joseph Frassinelli most high profile people don’t carry cash. Makes them more of a target.

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/8/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Rebecca Felts, I don’t know about the target part, as bad guys can’t see what’s in a good guy’s pockets, especially when they are traveling on a private jet. August Bush IV, who was on our Board of Directors for quite some time, used to tip the Line guys at the airport with 12 packs of beer!! He was a great guy! Edited · 2 ·

Debora Williams Waller6/8/2018

Debora Williams Waller I worked at FedEx Express in MEM, in many different departments for 35 years and never got to meet Fred. :-( 2 ·

John Connors6/8/2018

John Connors If you’ve seen this before forgive me. Mr. Smith invited me to his office just before I retired last year. (7345, 40 years) Just the two of us talking like old friends. Everything you’ve heard about him is true. A real gentleman. 11 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

Mr. Smith called me during my retirement reception 11 years ago and apologized for not attending. He had put it on his schedule but a Board issue came up that he had to address. He talked to me for about 5 minutes, which I really appreciated. It was a nice gesture for someone who was always busy. I love my retirement...each & every day.... 9 ·

Debby Black Franklin6/8/2018

Debby Black Franklin Me too! #blessed

Susan R. Haney6/8/2018

Susan R. Haney So many of us are blessed with a wonderful retirement life because Fred had the dream! 💜 3 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

Another nice FWS story, which I have posted several years ago: Gloria(Cardwell) was always a very nice and friendly person to work with. She kept working into her 80's because she enjoyed the people she worked with. In her early 80's her daughter wrote a letter of thanks to FWS thanking him for the opportunity for her to keep working at a senior age. FWS called her Director, Jim Thannum, and asked him to bring Gloria over to his office so he could meet her, and thank her for her service." FWS' office had contacted JT first, because he didn't want anyone to get stressed or have a heart attack...because Fred Smith was calling.... 5 ·

Rebecca Felts6/8/2018

Rebecca Felts I remember her and that event. That was so awesome.

Subject: Replacement retiree card

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

Replacement retiree cardHas anyone had to replace your retiree card...and how did you do it? Mine just fell apart yesterday....

Mike Harris6/8/2018

Mike Harris I never got one!

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

just found process on the official Retiree Club page: Lost Retiree ID Badges A retiree who loses an ID badge or needs a replacement badge due to it getting old or faded should contact Corporate Identification Systems. There is no cost to the retiree for badge replacement, however, old or faded badges must be returned to CIS before a replacement can be made. Phone: 901/375-6601 Address: 3975 Airways Blvd. Module E, Second Floor Memphis, TN 38116 E-Mail

Subject: Randy Roy: You guys might like this one from last nite. It’s blue because the gases surround a clust ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/8/2018

Randy Roy: You guys might like this one from last nite. It’s blue because the gases surround a cluster of young blue stars. The gasses do not give off light themselves, but rather reflect starlight from the cluster. Because of this, it’s referred to as a reflection Nebula.

Helen Hjelle6/8/2018

Helen Hjelle love Randy's work! thank you for sharing

Akita Hank6/8/2018

Akita Hank Great shots! Where does Randy get these photos?

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/9/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhat did the following gentlemen have in common?George H. Bush George W. Bush William Buckley John Kerry Fred Smith William Howard Taft

Loretta Cameron6/9/2018

Loretta Cameron Yale? 1 ·

Dave Hansen6/9/2018

Dave Hansen They are all prominent members of Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University. Edited · 3 ·

Marilyn May6/9/2018

Marilyn May Yale Skull and Bones Society

Deby Abbott Jolley6/9/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley Skull & Bones

Patricia French6/9/2018

Patricia French Yale

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/18/2018

Just got back from vacation with family. Skull and Bones @ Yale University was the correct answer. 2 ·

Subject: FedEx Aircraft History :) :)

Clayton Roderick6/14/2018

FedEx Aircraft History :) :)

Shambhu Kumar6/14/2018

Shambhu Kumar I an fefex 1 ·

Rebecca Felts6/14/2018

Rebecca Felts ?

Mark W Bargeron6/14/2018

Mark W Bargeron I remember unloading the falcons at FLL. 1 ·

Bill Pickron6/14/2018

Bill Pickron Nice...we also had B-737's in the late 80's 4 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/18/2018

FedEx History TriviaFedEx in the late 70's purchased five Boeing 737's. Why?

Richard Anderson6/18/2018

Richard Anderson We couldn’t get B727s fast enough for our lift needs

Peter Dangerfield6/18/2018

Peter Dangerfield We were trying cargo/pax operation fly cargo at night passengers during the day. We soon realized taking the passenger interior off and back on each day would be very difficult to keep in good condition. Also having to deal with food and passenger service was so far from out express mission. I remember Vince Fagan say we needed to keep to our knitting and not do passengers. We sold the aircraft not wanting to maintain too many aircraft type. 5 ·

Richard Anderson6/18/2018

Richard Anderson I’d forgotten about that... I believe UPS tried it too

Peter Dangerfield6/19/2018

Peter Dangerfield Richard Anderson can’t remember UPS trying it.

Ann Hoff Crum6/19/2018

Ann Hoff Crum Oh..... Vince Fagan, Tucker Taylor days ....the late 1970s.... Pete Wilmott .... 1 ·

Albert Glenn7/1/2018

Albert Glenn Richard Anderson UPS tried it didn’t go well 1 ·

Buddy Johnson6/18/2018

Buddy Johnson And, I believe we made a few bucks when we sold the 737’s 2 ·

Thomas Blas6/19/2018

Thomas Blas More than a few bucks.... LOL. made a profit on each one. In addition to being QC aircraft they had the very latest in avionics and engines, Boeing called them 737-200 Advanced...... 2 ·

Peter Dangerfield6/19/2018

Peter Dangerfield Seemed a good idea in the beginning the aircraft sat all day we wanted to increase the utilization

Mark W Bargeron6/19/2018

Mark W Bargeron Federal Express owned 5 737 -200 convertibles purchase back in 1978 sold in 1982 they did not work out they also made a good profit on them . Edited ·

Mike Adcock6/19/2018

Mike Adcock Am I correct that these were QC (Quick Change) aircraft that we got in a fire sale to test the concept? Turned out to be incompatible with the 727s and a handling/maintenance problem?

Mark W Bargeron6/19/2018

Mark W Bargeron I believe you are correct I remember they purchase the 737-200C to venture into hauling passengers but it also did not work out .

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/19/2018

Other airlines did something similar. American decided to use their aircraft at night to deliver express freight between cities, so they set up some routes offering red-eye cheap flights for those that could sleep in aircraft seats, but they eventually stopped those efforts. After taking an entire year to get approval to fly passengers, FedEx could only get one approval to fly out of Midway. That coupled with an oil embargo during that time, and most airlines not making money, it was decided to concentrate on the main thing.....packages 4 ·

Subject: To Request a replacement retiree ID Badge

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/20/2018

To Request a replacement retiree ID Badge

Todd Ray6/20/2018

Todd Ray Serendipity Baby! The first thing I saw this morning was a note from FedEx saying my retiree badge was to be delivered today. Second thing was this post. 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/21/2018

For a purple background for the photo, I got a plastic purple tablecloth from Hobby Lobby for $1.99 1 ·

Subject: 727 Takeoff Mid 90's, low Def :) :)

Clayton Roderick6/20/2018

727 Takeoff Mid 90's, low Def :) :)

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/20/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Quite the Workhorse and backbone of the fleet for decades. Like our Falcons, we operated the largest fleet of 727s in the world for years!! 4 ·

Akita Hank6/20/2018

Akita Hank The first three 727 helped Fedex become profitable for the first time. That’s when I decided to join the company. 3 ·

Rogers Gossett6/20/2018

Rogers Gossett what a great camera angle! ... but frankly, I thought all our paint jobs always happened at Boeing field (BFI) up in Washington state? 1 ·

Phil Jody Thornton6/20/2018

Phil Jody Thornton Many 727 came from Eastern Airlines and were painted by Eastern in MIA. Back then I was a courier and delivered the paint to Eastern. 2 ·

Shane Borden6/20/2018

Shane Borden Cool video, but would have been even cooler to hear the engines instead of that mandolin! 1 ·

Clayton Roderick6/20/2018

Clayton Roderick yea it would have -- had no sound on the video :( :)

Loretta Cameron6/20/2018

Loretta Cameron So proud of our planes and pilots!!! 1 ·

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/20/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli And Admins!! 2 ·

Loretta Cameron6/20/2018

Loretta Cameron Timothy Joseph Frassinelli I love you!!! 😘

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/20/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Loretta Cameron ❤️You!! 1 ·

Subject: FedEx IT Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/20/2018

FedEx IT Trivia

During the 70's the mainframe choices were IBM or one of the 7 Dwarfs(Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell, GE, RCA)FedEx choose Burroughs.Why?

Carl Wayne Hardeman6/20/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman It was available and already doing check sorting 1 ·

Ben Moore6/20/2018

Ben Moore Yes. Burroughs had the banking business with high transaction volumes. 2 ·

Akita Hank6/21/2018

Akita Hank

Akita Hank6/21/2018

Fedex was already time sharing on a Burroughs system, some kind of tape sort . Then they installed a B2500/3500 at the old RCA building. Then they installed B6700 dual processor at Hanger (?) in split processor mode. Less efficient but they wanted to keep Air Ops separated from data processing systems. Eventually tied together in dual processor mode. When trying to upgrade to B7700, Fedex did not have a favorable delivery date. Charlie Brandon felt he was disrespected Burroughs CEO during negotiations for an improved date. So, Fedex made a deal to obtain the IT section of Cook Industries along with their favorable delivery date for IBM’s new system. A development system was installed and they started developing COSMOS on ACP (Airline Control Program). Burroughs was scheduled for decommissioning before COSMOS was ready. Critical Customer Service application would not be available. After months of vainly seeking an alternative, a cut down version of COSMOS was agreed to. The cut down version was successfully implemented before Burroughs left the building. 3 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/25/2018

Answer: According to Leon Tyree, the very first computer leased was a Burroughs 2700 used to set up Falcon mx statistics and to start a Billing program. Burroughs was chosen because 'it was excellent at running Cobol programs,it was cheap, and available right away." Per Ancel's answer, this quickly evolved into larger Burroughs systems and even some time sharing of public mainframe systems. Edited ·

Subject: ...

Ron Houston6/21/2018

FedEx's Multi-Billion Order: Sign Of Confidence

Subject: Glenda Williams posted in FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club — looking for recommendations.

Glenda Williams6/22/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders6/23/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders Yes, I've used it several times. Sometimes AARP is cheaper if you're a senior citizen or AAA is cheaper also.

Glenda Williams6/23/2018

Glenda Williams Thank you Vicki

Ron Houston6/23/2018

Ron Houston I have found AARP to be a good choice as Vicki stated. I also frequently use -®ionId=5325377&startDate=06%2F27%2F2018&endDate=06%2F29%2F2018&rooms=1&_xpid=11905%7C1&adults=1

Ron Houston6/23/2018

Ron Houston Also, sometimes just Google depending on where you are going.

Glenda Williams6/23/2018

Glenda Williams Ron ,,,,, what’s the name in google? Thank you

Ron Houston6/24/2018

Ron Houston I often just google the name of the area I am going to OR the place (Hotel) where I want to stay - both and compare. ;) 1 ·

Terry Smedley6/23/2018

Terry Smedley Yes I use it all the time. Great discounts!

Angie Campbell Houston6/24/2018

Angie Campbell Houston Where is the hotel directory for FedEx? Many, many years ago I used a huge book of hotels, got some really great rates, but of course that’s long gone.

Vicki Shirey Sanders6/24/2018

Vicki Shirey Sanders I copied it before I retired 5 years ago. Inbox be your email & I’ll send it to you. 1 ·

Glenda Williams6/25/2018

Glenda Williams Send a msg to to get an updated directory’s 2 ·

Angie Campbell Houston6/25/2018

Angie Campbell Houston Thank you, Vicki and Glenda.

Subject: Time Lapse shot of FedEx Express crew loading a MD-11. :)

Clayton Roderick6/23/2018

Time Lapse shot of FedEx Express crew loading a MD-11. :)

Subject: Guess it is official now. Got the badge, the ring, and the plane. 401K has been transferred to an IR ...

Todd Ray6/24/2018

Guess it is official now. Got the badge, the ring, and the plane. 401K has been transferred to an IRA along with the lump sum from PPA. Getting monthly checks from TPA. Accounts opened for my spouse and me for lump sum Health Care Premium awards, awaiting deposit any day. Oh yeah, life is great and every day is like Saturday. Except Sunday... Sunday is still like Sunday... Except I don’t dread Monday anymore!

Margaret Burkeen6/24/2018

Margaret Burkeen Congrats Todd! We miss you! 1 ·

Mark W Bargeron6/24/2018

Mark W Bargeron It sure feels good to be retired congratulations Todd 2 ·

Debora Williams Waller6/24/2018

Debora Williams Waller Congratulations Todd. Welcome to the everyday is like a Saturday club. 2 ·

Daria Faye Ellis6/24/2018

Daria Faye Ellis Congratulations Todd Enjoy your retirement 1 ·

Eddie Garrison6/24/2018

Eddie Garrison You get a ring ? Haha

Irene Williams6/24/2018

Irene Williams Retirement GOOD. 1 ·

Subject: FedEx IT Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/24/2018

FedEx IT Trivia

With the first hub sort, there were challenges in getting the sort completed with part time workers who had no incentive to finish quicker.What 2 things did Mike Basch implement to get part time workers, to work faster?

Pat Hardin6/24/2018

Pat Hardin Pay was same if completed in 6hours or earlier. 1 ·

Lee Pipkins6/24/2018

Lee Pipkins I was there for the Basch Bonanza on friday nights. After getting paid on thursdays, so many would not show up for work on fridays. All, you had to do was show up and be in the drawing for $50. $20, or $10. So, a weekly check of $50 could be doubled simply by showing up. 5 ·

Chuck Siegfried6/24/2018

Chuck Siegfried I remember those days too. 3 ·

Charlie Derrick6/24/2018

Charlie Derrick That's about the time they installed a countdown clock on the top of the hub. 2 ·

Johnnie Edwards6/25/2018

Johnnie Edwards 1.... changed pay day to fri.... 2......put in a falcon load incentive to load a/c within certain time parameters 3......put in a 17.5 hour weekly guarantee for pt workers.... get the work done earlier, go home and get paid for it..... 4......weekly cash drawing each fri night for people that came to work.... 3 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter6/26/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 👀

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/28/2018

Good answers:Answer: the M.Basch actions that were the most effective were 1) the 17.5 hour minimum pay...and you can go home when finished and 2) the Countdown clock 1 ·

Johnnie Edwards6/28/2018

Johnnie Edwards And who determined the right answers???

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/28/2018

For this question it was Mike Basch. 'Changing How the World Does Business' by Roger Frock Edited ·

Johnnie Edwards6/28/2018

Johnnie Edwards Got it....just wondering from the perspective of someone that was in the middle of it each night.... interesting

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/28/2018

everyone's comments from those days are always interesting to me; I didn't start until feb 1980 so anything before that time that I know is from others that worked then...and several history books about FedEx that I enjoy 1 ·

Johnnie Edwards6/28/2018

Johnnie Edwards Jimmy Glenn Burk interesting for sure Jimmy....thx for putting all this out there daily 1 ·

Marsha Terry Rider6/28/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Working next to the PR programmers I remember when they changed the payday to Fridays because of the poor attendance after a Thursday payday. 1 ·

Johnnie Edwards6/28/2018

Johnnie Edwards It really didn’t help a lot....didn’t last long....and we paid a consultant to tell us 1 ·

Marsha Terry Rider6/29/2018

Marsha Terry Rider figures

Lee Pipkins6/29/2018

Lee Pipkins Made dreamers of a lot of Hubites, looking through the equipment checkout window, cashing our checks with the Brinks guy. 1 ·

Johnnie Edwards6/29/2018

Johnnie Edwards Lee Pipkins COME TO WORK, GET A DOLLAR!!!!! 1 ·

Subject: *** If your facebook profile does not show you as a current or past employee of FedEx, or you are no ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/24/2018

*** If your facebook profile does not show you as a current or past employee of FedEx, or you are not a friend of someone on this group...and you would like to be a member, send a message about why you are trying to join our group...thanksPotential members should have worked in the ITD division, FedEx or be friends with someone at FedEx. If requesting to join our group, and not one of the above, send a message to Jimmy Burk or Bob Higgins stating why you would like to join. Pls do not add someone unless you know they have asked to join this group.A place for FedEx retirees & friends from the Info & Telecommunications Division of FedEx to drop a note about where they are and what's going on.Facebook Archives:

Subject: Living in the Age of Airplanes and FedEx :)

Clayton Roderick6/28/2018

Living in the Age of Airplanes and FedEx :)

Ben Moore6/28/2018

Ben Moore Jim Covington used to respond to vendors who were making excuses for when a part would arrive: "We fly every night." 1 ·

Subject: JB Sayings (

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/29/2018

JB Sayings ('s been said that Jim Barksdale's witty homilies could only come from a book issued to southerners who become CEOs. While I have yet to unearth a copy of this secret book, I do have the next best thing: notes from dozens of meetings with Jim, which capture just a small sample of his thousands of JB Sayings. In no particular order..."The infantry is always ahead of headquarters.""If your own kids say you're a deadbeat, it's hard to get respect on the outside.""If you ain't got a reference, you gotta do a whole lot a talking. A reference is the most important sales tool a rep can have.""We're lost, but we're making good time.""Your job is to run as fast as you can towards the cliff. My job is to move the cliff.""That's kind of like a houseboat: not a good house... not a good boat.""It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog.""It's like prostitution: first you got it, then you sell it, and then you still got it.""How does it work? Works real good.""Experimenting on the net: first you try something. Since it's just software, there's no need to bend any sheet metal, or trouble the guys on the loading docks. Second, you post it on the net. If it works, it's a product. If it doesn't, it's market research.""Nobody cares about us more than us.""If you can do it, it ain't braggin." Dizzy Dean, as related by JB"If these journalists didn't see us coming, what make them think they can see us going?""Plan the work and then work the plan.""Don't keep a dog and bark yourself.""Management spends too much time fixing problems instead of pursuing opportunities.""smart is not how much you know, but how quickly you learn.""If anyone has some data, let's hear it. If we're just going to use opinions, then we're going to use mine.""If a company doesn't have profits over the long haul, then it's gonna be a short haul.""The purpose of a business is to create and retain customers." citing Peter Drucker"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.""Some people aren't happy unless they aren't happy. If they're not having a bad day, then it's a bad day.""Three rules: if you see a snake, shoot it; don't play with dead snakes; everything looks like a snake at first.""In a bacon and egg breakfast, the hen is supportive, but the pig is committed.""No decision is a decision.""In a fight between a bear and an alligator, it is the terrain which determines who wins.""The way to boil a frog in water is to turn up the heat real slow.""Only two ways to make money in the software business: bundling and unbundling.""I can't pull a sleeve out of my vest.""Lion wakes up in the morning and knows that he has to run faster than the gazelle or he's going to go hungry. Gazelle wakes up in the morning and knows that he has to run faster than the lion or he's going to be eaten. Moral of the story: folks, when you get up in the morning, hit the ground running!""Now I'm the President around here. So if I say a chicken can pull a tractor trailer, your job is to hitch 'em up."Regarding overhead: "They've got a bigger bulldog to feed.""Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.""There ain't never been a horse that can't be roped.""The enemy is on the outside.""Three kinds of people: 1) see change and think of ways to capitalize, 2) see change and can't think of a way to capitalize,3) don't see the change." "like painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra." "like Liz Taylor said, 'I don't care what you say as long as you spell my name right.'""The most effective military strategy in history: point all your forces right at the enemy and beyond.""We're going to jump with every chute we build.""Every good list of objectives has either 3 or 5 things. If it's 4, you either got one too many, or you forgot something.""If you can't remember your objectives without looking at a piece of paper, you can't hardly achieve them except maybe by accident.""Netscape strategy: get out, get in.""You cannot manage that which you cannot measure.""If you can't measure the objective then don't put it on the list. We got too many things to fix that you can measure to waste time with things you can't.""Nobody ever won a war by dying for their country. You win a war by making the enemy soldier die for his country." JB quoting PattonRe Q4 budgets: "If you like 'em, great. If you don't, get used to 'em."

Laurie A. Tucker6/29/2018

Laurie A. Tucker And, if you want to run with the big dogs, get off the porch. And, don't worry about the mule going blind, load the wagon! 2 ·

Buddy Johnson6/29/2018

Buddy Johnson And the ones about playing with snakes.

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock6/29/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock He also would tell employees he was “pleased as punch” with their performance or actions. 1 ·

Kathy Jones Crockett6/29/2018

Kathy Jones Crockett "is this going to be like a pregnancy where it takes one person nine months, or 9 people one month" ? 1 ·

Marilyn May6/30/2018

Marilyn May “I’m not your Mama”

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/30/2018

JLB Humor Harry Dalton requesting funds to purchase 10,000 initial supertrackers for deployment in 3 couriers who have never used any electronics....knowing that they probably wouldn't be delivered in the 3 months period JLB: Well Harry, I don't think you could even train 10,000 couriers to use an ordinary pen in 3 months.....much less a new supertracker..... Harry: if he was being insulted.... Well Jim....I..think I could do that...... JLB: Well then, make it colored pens...... Harry: sensing he was being ribbed....Well you are right...color pens might be a problem........

Ben Moore6/30/2018

Ben Moore "I must hurry and catch up to the others, for I am their leader"

Ben Moore6/30/2018

Ben Moore "This is as serious as d**k cancer." 3 ·

Raymond Lane Cross7/21/2018

Raymond Lane Cross That saying became rather common in our groups.

Nancy Hinds7/1/2018

Nancy Hinds "I don't want to wake up Monday morning and find they leapfrogged us."

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/29/2018

FedEx History TriviaName who is in this photo?

Walt Edmonds6/29/2018

Walt Edmonds Guy with the glasses on, Charlie Derrick, maybe. Not sure 1 ·

Bill Pickron6/29/2018

Bill Pickron Does look like Charlie

Charlie Derrick6/29/2018

Charlie Derrick Two Charlies. Charlie Bresinger and myself. 4 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/29/2018

....and of course, Charlie's answer is correct! 3 ·

Subject: FEDEX B777F (N887FD) taxi take off at Munich Airport!

Clayton Roderick6/30/2018

FEDEX B777F (N887FD) taxi take off at Munich Airport!

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli6/30/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli V1, Rotate!

Terry Smedley6/30/2018

Terry Smedley Never get tired of watching them take off! 1 ·

Buddy Johnson6/30/2018

Buddy Johnson When did we start using the FD for tail numbers?

Marcus Green7/4/2018

Marcus Green It was a few years ago.. I was told the reason why once, but cannot remember it. 1 ·

Buddy Johnson7/4/2018

Buddy Johnson Marcus Green thanks. Maybe Clayton Roderick will reply with the answer

Mark W Evans6/30/2018

Mark W Evans Love watching them in flight esp when doing a flyover 1 ·

Martha Thomas7/5/2018

Martha Thomas I wonder how many Falcon loads of packages that single plane holds! I remember when we couldn’t fill up ALL of the Falcons!!!

Subject: Says it all about the Christmas rush. Informative video. Enjoy!!

Gary Owens7/1/2018

Says it all about the Christmas rush. Informative video. Enjoy!!

Inside FedEx's 'Superhub' During Christmas Rush

Subject: I was cleaning up my mail; and came across these memories sent to me to post on fro ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/2/2018

I was cleaning up my mail; and came across these memories sent to me to post on from Bob Gavin, I thought I would repost to the facebook site. ----------------------------

My name is Bob Gavin. On April 27, 1973 I joined Federal Express as the "City Manager" of Philadelphia. My employee number was 0533. I left the company in October 1981 to open a Sports Bar & Tavern in the Philadelphia suburbs. Eight and one-half years of hard work but absolute joy. From PHL I was promoted to Manager of the New York City and North Jersey areas. In 1976 I was promoted to Vice President of Operations for the Southern Division. A corporate reorganization caused me to work for several months in the Central Division as a District Director. Ultimately I spent the final few years of my tenure as the Director of Field Operations (Industrial Engineering) at the Corporate Headquarters. I was also acknowledged along with scores of others in the book by Robert A. Sigafoos, Absolutely Positively Overnight.Recently I came across your web site which brought back a lot of great memories. Well done! I could regale you for hours on end with stories about the start up days but let me give you just one in this email.Dennis Spina, later a Vice President, was my first courier in PHL. Dennis was a real hustler in the best sense of the word. While Dennis was delivering a package to the Philadelphia Inquirer (Business News Section) a reporter wanted to know more about the company. Dennis and I returned the next day with the company public relations kit. The reporter took the copy from the PR material, changed just a few words, and the story of Federal Express was on the front page of the business section on September 21, 1973.However, in the PR materials there was a picture of Fred Smith standing next to a Falcon Fanjet. While we were at the newspaper the reporter had a photographer take a few pictures of me. Unbeknownst to me, they superimposed my head on Fred's body for the picture published in the paper. I had no idea what Fred's reaction would be so I sent him the article with a note apologizing for what they had done and assured him that I did not have previous knowledge as to their intent to do this. Fred replied with a note thanking us for getting the free advertising. As regarding the picture he wrote, "You got the worst of the deal".I have attached three items. The first is the article itself. The second is a closer picture of my head on Fred's body. And the third is the masthead from that days newspaper. The Inquirer was and is the primary newspaper in Philadelphia.Volleyball on Fred's front lawn, the wild Deregulation gathering at the Saw Mill, with Fred at the University of Pennsylvania while he and Tucker Taylor (my mentor) wowed the Wharton students, standing in for Tucker occasionally at Senior Management meetings, dealing with teamsters in NYC, dinner with Tucker, Art Bass, and wives at Art's house where Tucker spilled his wine all over Paula Bass. Great times. Great memories. Thanks.Have Fun! Bobby Gavin

Walt Edmonds7/2/2018

Walt Edmonds Nice write. 1 ·

Charlie Derrick7/2/2018

Charlie Derrick I remember Bob. Was sorry to see him go.

Marsha Terry Rider7/2/2018

Marsha Terry Rider so kewl

Subject: SuperTracker Rapper

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/3/2018

SuperTracker Rapperforwarded from Bernard Bowe

Robyn Hassell7/3/2018

Robyn Hassell I remember those days well! We have come a long way!

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/3/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhat restaurant was the closest to the Hub?

Todd Markley7/3/2018

Todd Markley 91st bomber group? 8 ·

Peter Dangerfield7/3/2018

Peter Dangerfield Guard base 6 ·

Dave Hansen7/3/2018

Dave Hansen Fred Gangs 6 ·

Mary Beth Powell7/3/2018

Mary Beth Powell Fred Gangs 👍 or the Catfish Cabin 2 ·

Tony Lax7/3/2018

Tony Lax 91st Bomb Group or TANG cafeteria 7 ·

Gary Harlan7/3/2018

Gary Harlan The Exit Lounge 5 ·

David Warren7/3/2018

David Warren 91st Bomber Group 3 ·

Jim Bentley7/3/2018

Jim Bentley National Guard 2 ·

Larry Ratliff7/3/2018

Larry Ratliff Tang

Subject: Gary Owens > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Gary Owens7/4/2018

Wayne Lebo7/4/2018

Wayne Lebo Drove lots of COE's and jump seated in the Falcon several times. Loved the comfy board that was the jump seat.... 1 ·

Walt Edmonds7/5/2018

Walt Edmonds I remember the events very well. I was there for all of it.

Mark W Bargeron7/5/2018

Mark W Bargeron Falcons remember them well FLLR

Subject: OUCH........!

Gary Owens7/4/2018


Buddy Johnson7/4/2018

Buddy Johnson Little windy 😳😳😳

Shane Borden7/4/2018

Shane Borden That’s the right way.

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli7/4/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Perfect textbook landing with a crosswind from the right!! 1 ·

Steven Lin7/4/2018

Steven Lin That happens when we have cross wind 💨

Richard Anderson7/4/2018

Richard Anderson Doing Bob Hoover's routine in a DC-10? 2 ·

Rogers Gossett7/4/2018

Rogers Gossett quite a bit of rudder action on that thing..

Donald Riggs7/5/2018

Donald Riggs looks good to me! lol

Mark W Bargeron7/5/2018

Mark W Bargeron It's on the ground !

Subject: Happy 4th of July :)

Clayton Roderick7/4/2018

Happy 4th of July :)

Subject: Fedex 777 Narita Japan :)

Clayton Roderick7/7/2018

Fedex 777 Narita Japan :)

Marsha Terry Rider7/7/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Man, she's purty

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli7/7/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Beautiful!!

Mary Drummond7/7/2018

Mary Drummond But I wanted to see the whole landing! Still great video. 1 ·

Joan Weber7/7/2018

Joan Weber Awesome

Subject: More Trivia Info (when MEM Hub was one little low building that the Falcon's parked around): When I ...

Richard Anderson7/7/2018

More Trivia Info

(when MEM Hub was one little low building that the Falcon's parked around): When I started in 1979, Republican Road ran south from Democrat, turned East at a small cemetary and ended at Tchulahoma. Our department was on the mezzanine down the middle of Hangar 6, and we parked our cars in a lot just east of the Hangar and the open Hurricane Creek (where we'd toss bread to the turtles)! I hear Hangar 6 will be torn-down in the latest MEM rebuild :-(

Peter Dangerfield7/7/2018

Peter Dangerfield This one Richard? 😄 3 ·

Richard Anderson7/7/2018

Richard Anderson Yep - in fact, didn’t we park on the ramp immediately east of the hangar before they build us the gravel lot past the creek?

Peter Dangerfield7/7/2018

Peter Dangerfield Yes and eventually removed the grave yard for more ramp space!

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet I remember then I started 4/79 I parked by the Admin Bldg and hanger 6 and the gas station was on the other end of hanger 6. 3 ·

Lee Holcomb7/7/2018

Lee Holcomb You meant the gas station was at the end of Hgr 8...right? Remember the long lines on Friday afternoons? ☺ 1 ·

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Lee Holcomb hanger 6 was closest to the Natl Guard and the gas station was in between then they moved it over on Republican

Lee Holcomb7/7/2018

Lee Holcomb Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet my recollection was just the opposite. H6 closest to Republican and housed the A/C support shops, then the Admin Bldg, then H7 where Vehicle Mx hung out, then H8 had Engine shop, A/C Mat'l Planning, and A/C Parts, then the gas station. 1 ·

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Lee Holcomb I could be wrong but I thought 6 was closest to Natl Guard I use to p/u deliver to hangers and admin bldg ?

Terrie Hoerning7/7/2018

Terrie Hoerning Lee Holcomb you are right. I worked in hanger 7 back in 1979 and the gas station pump was at the end of hanger 8.

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/11/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Lee Holcomb have been thinking 🤔 about this u r right the closest to Guard was the oldest hanger right

Marcus Green7/7/2018

Marcus Green Hanger 8 was removed in the early 90s, TANG has moved to the south end of the airport, so we have that area now as well. Hangers 6 and 7 and the Hub Admin Bldg are being removed for a new "state of the art" hubsort bldg to be built there. The plan is to move the "Old Hub" into the new bldg and then tear down the Old Hub. (Finally!) As to whether or not they follow through on the stated plans to build another hub in the Old Hub's spot-- well, we'll see. Plans change quickly. There's also plans to extend gates all the way to Plough Blvd-- space is sorely at a premium at MEMH! :) 1 ·

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Loved it in the early days 1 ·

Richard Anderson7/7/2018

Richard Anderson Yes, I did too, but times change and we've grown - if we hadn't, we'd not still be here! Edited ·

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Richard Anderson I agree on the growth don’t always agree on some of changes it was built on People and Service.

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/7/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet Remember People Service and Profit also Absolutely Positively Overnight haven’t heard them in awhile.

Debora Williams Waller7/7/2018

Debora Williams Waller I was hired Nov. '78 My first job was in Vehicle Maint in hanger 7. Across the hall was the FedEx Credit Assoc. In fact Charlotte McNeal got me my job interview. She and I worked together prior to FedEx. Republican ran from Democrat to Tuchlahoma. (sp) I remember getting gas at the end of the hangers and the cemetery. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. 1 ·

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet7/11/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet I started in 4/79 remember parking right at the admin bldg the mailroom was on the west end of hub. Edited ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/8/2018

FedEx History Trivia

In fiscal year 1983 FedEx hit 1 Billion in revenue. Immediately after that major accomplishment FWS set what the future goal of the company was.Was it? a. $10B b. $15B c. $20B d. $25B

Mary Drummond7/9/2018

Mary Drummond All of those in order.

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/16/2018

Answer: Mr. Smith jumped from a $1B target to $25B and everyone was shocked.

Subject: Book signing for FedExr David Zanca in Collierville TN

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/11/2018

Book signing for FedExr David Zanca in Collierville TNCome enjoy wings, snacks, a few beverages, and a visit!This is the second and final Collierville Book Party. Spread the word to mutual friends, colleagues and acquintances.Hickory Tavern, July 12, 4-7pm

Tap to RSVP to Book Party Celebration: Food and Beverages

Mary Drummond7/13/2018

Mary Drummond I so wish I could go! David Zanca is awesome!

Liz Ciulla Carrozza7/13/2018

Liz Ciulla Carrozza Just saw this. What’s the book?

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/13/2018 LEADERSHIP CONSULTING | Spainwood Consulting

Subject: Many of you have known Mike & Beth O'Neill who have been a liaison interface for multiple Info Syste ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/12/2018

Many of you have known Mike & Beth O'Neill who have been a liaison interface for multiple Info Systems companies that FedEx works with. Here is an inspiring update article about Mike.

Marilyn May7/12/2018

Marilyn May What a heart warming story, it's so wonderful to read about a positive outcome for both of these husband Bob had treatment at MD Andersen in Houston as well, but it was not successful....but the wonderful doctors at MDA save so many lives each year and are a first class cancer center.

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/12/2018

I have very fond memories of working with Bob. He could be so funny at times, but still dedicated to doing his best for everyone. 1 ·

Marilyn May7/12/2018

Marilyn May Thanks Jimmy, I love it when people tell me how they felt about and enjoyed knowing Bob...sort of brings him back, you know?

Subject: I thrift and resale now and a friend of mine found this today. It's a zapmail jacket and the year I ...

Rebecca Felts7/14/2018

I thrift and resale now and a friend of mine found this today. It's a zapmail jacket and the year I started at FedEx. Thought it was a cool find.

Susie Coyle Richardson7/21/2018

Susie Coyle Richardson Museum piece 😉 1 ·

Dave Hansen7/21/2018

Dave Hansen What size is it?

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts Idk you may find it on eBay soon. My friend kept it.

Dave Hansen7/21/2018

Dave Hansen I will gladly give you $150.00 for it if it is a large.

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts I will ask him when I see him again.

Dave Hansen7/21/2018

Dave Hansen Rebecca Felts Thank You.

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts Dave Hansen Private message me with your contact info. and I will ask him. Thanks

Eddie Garrison7/21/2018

Eddie Garrison I started in zapmail in 1985 1 ·

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts Thats great! I am sorry I can't remember when they stopped zapmail. DO you remember? 1 ·

Eddie Garrison7/21/2018

Eddie Garrison Rebecca Felts I think it was about winter of 1987 1 ·

Mary A Johnson7/21/2018

Mary A Johnson It was 87. I came in as a contractor and many of the folks that had been re-trained as programmers were moved into Customer Automation

Debora Williams Waller7/15/2018

Debora Williams Waller I remember you well Eddie from ZapMail. :-) Edited ·

Donald Riggs7/21/2018

Donald Riggs One of Fred's few mistakes!

Tom Sullivan7/21/2018

Tom Sullivan Agree! I started in "85 and Zap Mail in FedEx was like the greatest invention since sliced bread. I didn't think so as I came from an organization with antiquated methods yet they were using the equivalent of early fax machines.I often wondered who pushed that mistake.In the end, FWS is a great visionary so he's entitled to one flub--but only one.

Donald Riggs7/21/2018

Donald Riggs That was a biggie! 275 million I heard? But FS is a genius in my opinion

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts No risk no gain. 1 ·

Donald Riggs7/21/2018

Donald Riggs Maybe his biggest risk was buying Flying Tigers, but like most of his decisions it worked out well! Especially for me! haha

Debora Williams Waller7/21/2018

Debora Williams Waller It may not have been a bad risk if the we had been able to launch the satelllite. The Challeger accident was the beginning of that plan not heppening. 1 ·

Tom Sullivan7/21/2018

Tom Sullivan As I recall, the purchase of Flying Tigers was absolutely necessary to access the Asian marketplace.The players back then were hard balling FedEx for landing rights in Asia so FWS flanked them. It was another excellent decision by FWS 2 ·

Rebecca Felts7/21/2018

Rebecca Felts Donald Riggs I don't think he ever would have gotten the landing routes if he hadn't bought flying tigers. Smart move in that sense. 1 ·

Clayton Roderick7/21/2018

Clayton Roderick Zapmail days :) 3 ·

Ann Hoff Crum7/21/2018

Ann Hoff Crum Who remembers the Hotel Pak?! 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller7/21/2018

Debora Williams Waller I do. I was in New York and a customer came into the hotel for his 'Hotel Pak' package and no one at the counter knew where they had put it. Ugah....

Ann Hoff Crum7/21/2018

Ann Hoff Crum Debora Williams Waller I think that was Carl Williams product.

Don Rose7/15/2018

Don Rose Yes it was Ann. 1 ·

Don Rose7/15/2018

Don Rose I miss Carl...a lot. Edited · 2 ·

Dan Elliot7/21/2018

Dan Elliot Wow 1986....

Ann Hoff Crum7/21/2018

Ann Hoff Crum Hey! We're up in Heber Springs and I met a "drug dog " and his owner. They work in MEM at the Fedex hub at night!!!! 2 ·

Don Beethe7/21/2018

Don Beethe Same year I started. 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk7/14/2018

FedEx History Trivia:Who are these two FedExr's???

Loretta Cameron7/15/2018

Loretta Cameron Mary Harvey Gurley and Tom Bullion. Edited · 2 ·

Rebecca Sutherland7/21/2018

Rebecca Sutherland Cute pic!

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock7/21/2018

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock Trouble Tom & Marvelous Mary 4 ·

Peggy Dawson Black7/21/2018

Peggy Dawson Black Tommy Bullion for sure!

Martha Thomas7/15/2018

Martha Thomas Mary Harvey and flying high Tom Bullion! 1 ·

Subject: TriJets :)

Clayton Roderick7/15/2018

TriJets :)

Rogers Gossett7/15/2018

Rogers Gossett oooooohh... my md11 boys.. lot of em are retired now.

Rogers Gossett7/15/2018

Rogers Gossett GREAT vid!!

Loretta Cameron7/15/2018

Loretta Cameron Love FedEx. 1 ·

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli7/15/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli I love it, but can’t help feeling a little sad for the 1 or 2 twins: the loan 737 or two that we were operating in 1981, that got left out of this wonderful tribute!! That’s ok, though as the twins now reign supreme!! It was inevitable, as statistically, Twins are more reliable than Trijets!! Edited · 1 ·

James Barkley7/16/2018

James Barkley Glenn Dixon, have I ever thanked you for talking me into applying at that fly by night company back in 85? 😎 1 ·

Subject: Pre 65, if you dropped dental, can you pick it back up for 2019 during enrollment? Didn’t realize ho ...

Lisa Daniel9/6/2018

Pre 65, if you dropped dental, can you pick it back up for 2019 during enrollment? Didn’t realize how good it was, went on a lesser plan that barely covers anything

Raymond Lane Cross11/14/2018

Raymond Lane Cross Good Question. I did the same thing but it seems I read somewhere that once you drop dental or eyecare, you don't get it back. Edited ·

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller What I found in the Pre-65 Retiree Health Enrollment Guide 2014, Page 12. If you elect to terminate existing Medical, Dental and/or Vision coverage during the Annual Enrollment, you will not be able to elect this coverage again in the future. It goes on to say if you become emplyed by FedEx or you become covered by a dependent who is employeed by FedEx......

Laura Ladd Beard11/14/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Marsha Terry Rider can you keep us updated on if you can go on dental and vision cobra when you turn 65 and the current costs? I will be 65 in June and would be very interested in doing so. Thanks!

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Laura Ladd Beard - will do. I have an appointment next Tues with AON to set stuff up. According to info from a couple of years ago FedEx Benefits sends the COBRA paperwork about 3 weeks before you go on Medicare (in my case Nov. 1) so that shall proved or disproved in about 2 weeks. 1 ·

Laura Ladd Beard11/14/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Thanks. I found that once I got to the right person, AON was very helpful. Good luck!

Laura Ladd Beard10/12/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Marsha Terry Rider were you able to find out about cobra for dental and the cost. Thanks!

Marsha Terry Rider10/12/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Laura Ladd Beard - not yet but I did find in my notes from the Nov.'17 conference call that it should be available. I hope to reach someone today or Monday. 1 ·

Laura Ladd Beard10/12/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Marsha Terry Rider thanks

Marsha Terry Rider11/2/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Laura - I've been going round and round with problems logging into the retirement website. While I had Benefits (or a reasonable - NOT- facsimile of the company Benefits department) on the phone 2 days ago I asked about the COBRA again, eliciting the same response. HOWEVER, he did give me another 800 phone number I've never used before. I plan to try them again tomorrow. 1 ·

Laura Ladd Beard11/2/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Marsha Terry Rider I just got the pre65 enrollment packet for 2019 coverage. It does state in there that you can go on COBRA for dental and vision when you turn 65. If I need to, I can send you a photo of the page where it says this. Good luck! Edited ·

Marsha Terry Rider11/2/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Laura Ladd Beard - Thanks - any help is appreciated. However, I might add that I talked to my Dentist office and they said ANY insurance they would accept might have premiums that don't justify taking it out as the premiums might far exceed the benefit. But I would least like to have a look at it.

Laura Ladd Beard11/2/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Marsha Terry Rider here you go. Hope it helps. 1 ·

Lisa Daniel11/14/2018

Lisa Daniel Thanks Debora. I think I will get off AON and try Farm Bureau. I have a good medical policy for my son with them 1 ·

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Ditto what Debora Williams Waller cites. A post by Jimmy Glenn Burk 2/9/16 stated you can get dental &/or vision after you turn 65 (at that time, at least) : "You don't get the COBRA paperwork to continue dental and vision until about 3 weeks before you are cut off from the FedEx plan. Here are the prices to continue on the FedEx dental and vision plans for 18 more months: Dental Plan D215-CIGNA $53.96 per month Vision Plan V260 -Davis Vision $9.18/month" - I will be calling Benefits and my dentist tomorrow about that and will let you know what they say. I don't plan to select and Advantage Plan (some include dental) anyway so I am interested in the COBRA dental.

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider note: those rates were 2016 rates.

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Well I called the Benefits number and was told to call AON because he only dealt with Pre-65 benefits. Now AON was the one that told me to call a loop. Will try AON again tomorrow.

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller Marsha, I don't know where you are in processing your retirement. I read on a FB post somewhere that Benefits had to send your retirement info to AON and you need to set up an account with AON on their web site, After that process maybe AON can help you after that.

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Debora Williams Waller - already retired but just trying to get COBRA dental when I turn 65 and go on Medicare. They said they could help me after I get my card (and I have) but when I asked them about the COBRA they said I'd have to call Benefits. Edited ·

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller Did you get a retiree packet?

Marsha Terry Rider11/14/2018

Marsha Terry Rider you mean 5 years ago?

Jodie Harden11/14/2018

Jodie Harden At the meeting last fall, where they discussed the new options for 2018, I “thought” they said you could add those things back now, but I am not 100% certain. 2 ·

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller Sure wish we could get something in writing so we all know the rules. 2 ·

Theresa Marie11/14/2018

Theresa Marie Yes I remember them saying that for 2018 and supposedly beyond. They reversed the stance on that and said if you decline any of it you can add it back in the next open enrollment. 2 ·

Danielle Harnisch11/14/2018

Danielle Harnisch Good luck on all of this. I hope our premiums don’t double again in January 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller Unfortunatley I am reading that things have not gotten any better between FedEx and AON since earlier this year. The communication gap causes we employees such frustration. So sad FedEx outsourced our benefit.

Debora Williams Waller11/14/2018

Debora Williams Waller Also, the questions that came up during the conference calls were suppose to be posted to the AON web site. That never happened. It sure would be a great reference to have an FAQ.

Richard Maingault11/2/2018

Richard Maingault Is it still true that pre 65 retirees who dropped dental and vision can still no longer enroll? In other words, if you dropped coverage in the past you still cannot reenroll.

Lisa Daniel11/3/2018

Lisa Daniel I added dental and vision, so thankful I could. 1 ·

Subject: Interesting....looks like Jim Barksdale will be one of the characters portrayed in a new tv series a ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk9/28/2018

Interesting....looks like Jim Barksdale will be one of the characters portrayed in a new tv series about the birth of the Internet...

Winn Stephenson11/14/2018

Winn Stephenson Funny - article does not mention his most important role - CIO at FedEx 1 ·

Subject: Has anyone tried to access the retiree benefits website today? After a second attempt with a correct ...

Marsha Terry Rider10/7/2018

Has anyone tried to access the retiree benefits website today? After a second attempt with a corrected login ID it said my account was locked and to contact the 855 number. I successfully logged in a 3 weeks ago.

Deby Abbott Jolley10/8/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley I get locked out every time I try to access it.

Marsha Terry Rider10/8/2018

Marsha Terry Rider I'll try again today with a different browser. Seems like one time before this happened and they had upgraded their software and apparently didn't care to test it with Firefox. DId I say I hate MS & Gaggle? 1 ·

Deby Abbott Jolley10/8/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley Yeah - Now that I think about it, I believe Explorer worked for me. (I hate it, too!)

Marsha Terry Rider10/8/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Called for an unlock - won't go into it here. At one point the Rep said he'd send me my new pwd in the mail. Wha??? We worked it out but it locked up again with the temp password. Well that didn't work out well. I've only been in there almost monthly since Feb'17. Next time I'll start with explorer. 1 ·

Deby Abbott Jolley10/9/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley It doesn't have to be this hard!!!!

Marsha Terry Rider11/13/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Update: This took almost 2 weeks to resolve (I got in about a week ago). I just kept talking and asking questions and finally the guy said he would open a case and would call me back when it was resolved. He did do this, so points for that. I finally was able to get in and change my password and take care of my business. Wish me luck next time! 1 ·

Lisa Daniel10/9/2018

Lisa Daniel Did anyone receive an email from FedEx benefits center that said this confirms your benefits change. The changes are effective 0101 2019. I went through the maze of calling FedEx retirement service center. After being transferred, I think the lady said the change was 70 broad. But the rep has no idea what it means. My husband goes on Medicare on January 25, so it may be something to do with that. But it makes me pretty nervous that no one knows. Any ideas? Edited · 1 ·

Lisa Dagastino10/9/2018

Lisa Dagastino I have received no email.

Judy Davidson10/9/2018

Judy Davidson no email for me either, Lisa

Marsha Terry Rider10/10/2018

Marsha Terry Rider The only time I've seen emails from them is when I've actually made some change to my benefits (I always do it online); anything from a password change to an enrollment election. Maybe that means that since he is switching to Medicare on that date they automatically enrolled him for just the Jan. timeframe since Jan. would be the beginning of a new Plan Year?

Lisa Daniel10/10/2018

Lisa Daniel Our vendor got back to me and said they are changing the name of consumer choice healthcare to broad 70 3 ·

Terrie Hoerning10/10/2018

Terrie Hoerning I haven't received any type of enrollment or notification.

Debora Williams Waller10/10/2018

Debora Williams Waller The Benefits Fair is Thursday, 10/11 at the Memphis Retires Luncheon. I'll ask what changes should we expect for 2019. 3 ·

Lisa Daniel10/10/2018

Lisa Daniel Thanks Debora! I am in Pensacola Beach, made it through Hurricane Michael 1 ·

Debora Williams Waller10/10/2018

Debora Williams Waller WOW !! Glad you are safe.

Debora Williams Waller10/11/2018

Debora Williams Waller I attended the FedEx Retiree Benefits Fair in MEM today. FedEx Benefits Dept was not there. I wonder if they have disolved the dept. I asked the Hhalth reinbursement vendor what changes can we expect for 2019. He had nothing to share. Remember that OneExchange has had a name change to VIA Benefits. I also suggested to the Retiree Club to move the benefits fair to a date after we receive our health care communictions for 2019. Edited · 3 ·

Marsha Terry Rider11/13/2018

Marsha Terry Rider There are a few Health Benefits senior advisors still there. I worked with them for years and trust me when I tell you, they hold the vendors feet to the fire. Now when they retire, buckle your seat belts! 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/10/2018

FedEx History TriviaThis person became the first full time Quality VP at Federal Express. Who?

Lee Holcomb10/10/2018

Lee Holcomb Edith Kelly-Green...maybe? 4 ·

Gary Phillips10/10/2018

Gary Phillips I don't remember any 'quality' VPs.....😂🤣😅🤣😂 1 ·

Peggy Dawson Black10/11/2018

Peggy Dawson Black Oh my!

Gary Phillips10/11/2018

Gary Phillips Just kidding. Had some great ones.

Pat Woodruff Gunter10/20/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Edith Kelly-green

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/15/2018

answer: Cary Pappas; Edith Kelly was also VP of Quality and I think of other depts at the same time.Both were excellent to work with

Subject: Brad Simmons

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/12/2018

Brad Simmons

Sorry to report that Brad Simmons, former FedXr passed away Sunday. Brad and Don Wallace were two of the people hired by John Schwarzmann from Bell Labs to work on developing Zapmail. Brad was a quirky but nice person to work with. Jazz was his favorite past time.Condolences to his Family.

Berri Shutt10/12/2018

Berri Shutt Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends.

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/6/2018

For those that knew Brad: Bradley Simmons

Brad Simmons

Sandy Butler11/6/2018

Sandy Butler Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/13/2018

FedEx History TriviaThe SuperTracker had a small microphone ....what was this for???

Dan Elliot10/20/2018

Dan Elliot they were secretly recording your conversations!! :P 3 ·

Bob Mogge10/20/2018

Bob Mogge Yup, that’s where NSA got started. 1 ·

Tracy Willis10/20/2018

Tracy Willis For transmitting over the phone lines. 4 ·

Dave Hansen10/20/2018

Dave Hansen To record interesting sounds and music. 1 ·

Pat Woodruff Gunter10/20/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter 👀

Barton W Simpson10/20/2018

Barton W Simpson Acoustic coupled modem receiver?

Ron J Ponder10/20/2018

Ron J Ponder Acoustic modem coupler I believe

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/15/2018

Bart, Tracy & Dr Ponder are all correct! 1 ·

Tracy Willis10/15/2018

Tracy Willis Thank u!! Is there a prize!!!!????

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/13/2018

FedEx History TriviaIn the late 80's the SuperTracker was out of memory. Only a few more software updates could be made. A manager at FedEx cobbled together a new memory module called flash memory with a SuperTracker, at his home and then sent it to COS to test. It greatly expanded the memory with probably 20 times the speed. Over 65,000 of these modules were then produced by Motorola for FedEx. Who was the person that did this?

Winn Stephenson10/20/2018

Winn Stephenson Super Tracker Plus (?) by Bruce Lindow. I believe he created this in his garage. 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/15/2018

Winn is correct.

Subject: ...

Dan Elliot10/13/2018

Peter Dangerfield10/20/2018

Peter Dangerfield Funny sad how we were talking about the coming pilot and mechanic shortage twenty years ago with the Baby Boomer crowd retiring and still didn't do anything to fill the pipeline??? Now we can give $100K to delay retirement where as $100K ten years ago could have trained a permanent replacement! 😋 1 ·

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki10/20/2018

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki Federal air traffic controllers are not too far behind this scenario. My husband was forced into retirement a year ago at the age of 56. His area was staffed at 39 (most was 65) and in May of 2019 they’ll be down to 30. He was a controller in the central area at Memphis Center

Subject: Hello! I started at FedEx in Des Moines Iowa on June 18, 1984. I was a Customer Service Agent/DOT. W ...

Tracy Willis10/13/2018

Hello! I started at FedEx in Des Moines Iowa on June 18, 1984. I was a Customer Service Agent/DOT. When my husband worked overtime at his place of employment-Firestone, I volunteered to run open routes for my own overtime. I also was a Dispatch Agent for a couple of years, the Station Training Specialist for many years, and the Service Assurance Leader while also holding the position of PCP Operator-which was the new improved scheduling software. On October 16, 1996 I became a Station Manager in the Ames Iowa station. On October 16, 2001 I returned to the Des Moines Iowa station as an Operations Manager. I worked All hours until my retirement on June 1, 2017.

Debora Williams Waller10/20/2018

Debora Williams Waller Whew, I am exhausted just reading your career progression. You should be proud of your successes. 2 ·

Tracy Willis10/20/2018

Tracy Willis Thanks! I really wanted to be a Senior Manager, but we didn't want to move away from my step son. We only could see him on the weekends, so we stuck around. Of course, the rest of my family is important, but I was certain they would visit me if we moved. Lol. Overall, I'm happy we stayed put! 🤗 Edited · 1 ·

Johnnie Edwards10/20/2018

Johnnie Edwards Thank u for your service!!!! 2 ·

Tom Sullivan10/20/2018

Tom Sullivan Outstanding !! Bravo Zulu.🇨🇿️🇨🇿️ 2 ·

Tracy Willis10/14/2018

Tracy Willis Thanks!!!

Subject: What ever happened to "Fast talking man" is he still around? Those commercials were great!

James Patrick Colson Jr.10/14/2018

What ever happened to "Fast talking man" is he still around? Those commercials were great!

Loretta Cameron10/14/2018

Loretta Cameron I loved all the funny commercials from years ago. 1 ·

Dave Hansen10/14/2018

Dave Hansen John Moschitta 1 ·

James Patrick Colson Jr.10/14/2018

James Patrick Colson Jr. Dave Hansen yes! I couldnt remember his name! Thank you!

Dave Hansen10/14/2018

Dave Hansen John Moschitta Jr - Wikipedia

Subject: What was the performance management system from the late '80s that was driven by the number of discr ...

Ben Moore10/15/2018

What was the performance management system from the late '80s that was driven by the number of discrete service failures rather than percentages?

Peter Dangerfield10/15/2018

Peter Dangerfield SQI

Ben Moore10/15/2018

Ben Moore Thank you! Did that stand for Service Quotient Index?

Peter Dangerfield10/15/2018

Peter Dangerfield Ben Moore Service Quality Index.

Dave Hansen10/15/2018

Dave Hansen PBO was not bad either!! 1 ·

Robyn Hassell10/15/2018

Robyn Hassell Stood for Service Quality Index, I believe. 2 ·

Subject: FedEx Bombardier Challenger :)

Clayton Roderick10/16/2018

FedEx Bombardier Challenger :)

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli10/16/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli That’s one of the newer 300s. Edited · 1 ·

Nancy Muffett Pirani10/16/2018

Nancy Muffett Pirani Thank you so much for posting this! I worked in Corporate Aviation from 1985 to 1996 and had the honor of scheduling the Challengers and Citations along with Sherry Campbell (Emp #1049). We reported to Ron McCarter (Emp #11). Absolutely loved the job and all of the department personnel! 2 ·

Subject: Bill's Services

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/24/2018

Bill's Services

William Paul Henrikson Obituary - Bartlett, TN

Ann Deloach Holman10/25/2018

Ann Deloach Holman 🙏

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet10/25/2018

Tonya Kuykendall Overstreet 🙏

Hugh Wardlaw10/25/2018

Hugh Wardlaw I knew Bill both in the halls of FedEx and out in the community. He was a great fellow and a lot of fun to be around. If he was into something he was passionate about it.

Charles Reuben Matlock10/25/2018

Charles Reuben Matlock Bill was a great person to work for. He was always cool, calm and collected. I really missed him when I retired. Rest in Peace.

John Coop10/25/2018

John Coop Loved him!

John Coop10/25/2018

John Coop RIP Bill.

Laurie A. Tucker10/25/2018

Laurie A. Tucker Such a wonderful person! He always had a smile and a cheerful word. And he made me feel so safe. 1 ·

Linda Cook Thorn10/29/2018

Linda Cook Thorn He made me feel safe too. Such a nice, friendly gentleman. RIP, Bill. 🙏🏻😘🇺🇸

John Coop10/25/2018

John Coop Enjoyed working with Bill back in the day. RIP.

Brian Sneed10/26/2018

Brian Sneed Very sad to see this. He was always fun to work with. May he Rest In Peace.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhat was the day that Flying Tigers cut over to FedEx's networks called?

Eddie Garrison10/27/2018

Eddie Garrison T-day? 1 ·

Robyn Hassell10/27/2018

Robyn Hassell I believe you are right. 2 ·

Mary Drummond10/27/2018

Mary Drummond T-day 1 ·

Richard Maingault10/27/2018

Richard Maingault

Don't remember, but myself along with about five others from Paul Maynard's Memphis tech group removed all the old hardware and installed new modems, terminals, printers etc in the Flying Tiger LA Corporate building. It was called the Global KIAC/SNA Swapout Project. May 1991. It took us almost three weeks to complete. 1 ·

Hugh Wardlaw10/27/2018

Hugh Wardlaw T-Day. I hired on a week prior (8/1/89) and T-Day was 8/8/89. I was supposed to supply phone support and did not know the systems. Challenge number one.

Hugh Wardlaw10/27/2018

Hugh Wardlaw I forgot that we had flight attendants who came with tigers. They were part of the military airlift command - transporting our troops.

Ben Moore10/28/2018

Ben Moore I thought T-Day was the day of closing on the acquisition/merger. The network cutover came later.

Thomas A Canale10/30/2018

Thomas A Canale Seems like there were about 30 FTL flight attendants who were union. I helped? with handling their benefits. What a pain.

Bill Pickron10/30/2018

Bill Pickron Closer to 240 F/A's. Fell under me and we and Personnel negotiated the 1st union contract at Fedex...prior to the pilots

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/6/2018

T-Day is correct.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

FedEx History TriviaFedEx eventually moved Flying Tigers IT department out of one of the LAX terminals. What was the one thing they were so happy to leave behind???

Robyn Hassell10/27/2018

Robyn Hassell KIAC 3 ·

Robyn Hassell10/27/2018

Robyn Hassell Or KAIC

Dave Hansen10/27/2018

Dave Hansen Nope. Kiac is still around. It now runs on distributed servers not Mainframe and is called K2!

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

I believe Tony Strafaci was the Manager of the KIAC conversion and is now a Director in Colorado Springs.

Dave Hansen10/27/2018

Dave Hansen Jimmy Glenn Burk Yes Tony is Director of Global Clearance and Supply Chain now.

Liz Ciulla Carrozza10/27/2018

Liz Ciulla Carrozza It didn’t go away immediately. 😜 1 ·

Buddy Johnson10/27/2018

Buddy Johnson Rats 🐀 3 ·

Karen Sandiford Roberson10/27/2018

Karen Sandiford Roberson Giardia. True story! 🤮

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

Buddy is correct: it was rats 4 ·

Thomas A Canale10/30/2018

Thomas A Canale The DC8 simulator.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia (Requests)

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

FedEx History Trivia (Requests)As VP of Linehaul for about 5 years I got many requests ...and some interesting ones..

.Dallas They were moved from the Bank of America building to another location. They wanted to get covered parking back.

Orlando The ladies wanted to not have to wear hoisery (it was still in the FedEx guidelines at the time); I told them to just stop wearing it. Most wanted an option to wear shorts when it got so humid in Orlando, but we couldn't clear that request.

COS Those that reported to the COS VP were given permission to wear shorts. The request from others that reported to Memphis, was to stop some guys in the building from wearing shorts...they didn't look very good in them.

LAX They just wanted out of the LAX terminal to somewhere safe and clean and to not move the multitude of rats around to their new offices.

Memphis Some in Memphis wanted a self dispensing ice machine. Some were dipping their cups into the current ice machine and they thought their hands weren't clean. Cost would have been $7k per machine. Didn't get that but offered free coffee, tea and popcorn...

.Brussels I offered to take my Brussels network team out to lunch. It was about 30 guys. They asked instead to be taken to the roving Soup served gourmet soups. Cost was $2 per bowl. They wanted to see the network configuration of the European network as seen from the mainframe (this was before the X.25 net was put in place). They had been asking for months. The Memphis comm group wouldn't let them see anything. I made a call to Elaine Turner and even though she didn't trust them, she granted my request. They thought I was almost god-like having gotten that done

.Fred Smith When Desert Storm started, FWS realized he didn't have cable or satellite tv. Dish and Direct Tv didn't exist. The request came down....get costs for FWS to have CNN. I got the costs for 3 options ranging from $7K to $22k. Got message back to wait on approval. A couple years later...World Trade Center bombing.....FWS realized that he still didn't have CNN. Received some abrupt interuptions in a conference...why didn't you get FWS CNN????!!!!... I relayed..because I was told to wait. DHJ...who hadn't approved it...relayed....well do whatever you have to do...get him CNN.....and he wants CSPAN now also...... I went and got a $22K underground cable run about a mile to his building and got him every tv station available ....when I sent a team over to install.....his tv was coaxial port...just rabbit ears...... the telecom team went and got him a new tv...with an ultra modern vhs player built in.....

Mary Beth Powell10/27/2018

Mary Beth Powell Interesting thanks for sharing! Especially the last story.... 3 ·

Mary A Johnson10/28/2018

Mary A Johnson If Fred ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! Has he been upgraded since the towers fell?

Pat Woodruff Gunter10/28/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Wow. Just wow...

Subject: Danielle Harnisch > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Danielle Harnisch10/27/2018

Ridley Anderson10/27/2018

Ridley Anderson Covered California’s health insurance premiums will rise 8.7% in 2019 - Los Angeles Times

Danielle Harnisch > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Marsha Terry Rider10/27/2018

Marsha Terry Rider From my notes on the AON Webinar last Nov. I noted: "Continue to expect 15-20% annual increase. Can now offer public & private exchanges if chosing not to enroll in FedEx Retire Health Plans" 1 ·

Ben Moore10/28/2018

Ben Moore Does a bear ...? 1 ·

Marsha Terry Rider10/28/2018

Marsha Terry Rider Does a Polar bear... 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/27/2018

FedEx History TriviaWho was the leader of the Flying Tigers IT Department and KIAC that moved from Flying TIgers to Express?

Denise Wood10/27/2018

Denise Wood Was it Heidi Amling? 1 ·

Buddy Johnson10/28/2018

Buddy Johnson It was Heidi.

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

Heidi was the correct answer.

Subject: Using a flight simulator and live air traffic transponder data we can take a look at the extremely b ...

Clayton Roderick10/28/2018

Using a flight simulator and live air traffic transponder data we can take a look at the extremely busy nightly ops at the heart of the FedEx operation. View full screen :)

Subject: Netscape's Navigator With pressure from Microsoft increasing, CEO Jim Barksdale captains the Interne ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/28/2018

Netscape's Navigator With pressure from Microsoft increasing, CEO Jim Barksdale captains the Internet software maker through rough seas February 08, 1998|GREG MILLER | TIMES STAFF WRITERDuring early-morning workouts on a treadmill in his Palo Alto home, Jim Barksdale likes to watch videos from a PBS series called "The Great Commanders."Running in place, he chases the histories of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Ulysses S. Grant. An hour or so later, he arrives for work at Netscape Communications Corp., where he begins his daily pursuit of the great commanders of another age: Andy Grove, Larry Ellison and Bill Gates.As chief executive of Netscape, Barksdale has an opportunity to join that corporate pantheon, a chance to cap off a remarkable career as a lieutenant at Federal Express and McCaw Cellular Communications by proving he is a first-rate leader in his own right.But that chance is slipping. His 4-year-old company, which once seemed poised to dominate the Internet age with its Navigator browser, now looks wounded.Just a few weeks ago, Netscape reported its first quarterly and yearly losses, then laid off 400 employees. Its stock, which peaked at $85 per share in 1995, has plunged below $17 recently, and now there are rumors that the company may be exploring a sale. The stock closed Friday at $21.63. Meanwhile, archenemy Microsoft Corp. may be battling an antitrust suit over the way it has marketed its browser. But the Redmond, Wash.-based software company recently posted record profit and continues to eat away at Netscape's market share. Barksdale, 55, is widely regarded as a gifted executive. Colleagues and rivals alike point with reverence to his charisma, his sincerity and his ability to organize and motivate people.John Doerr, Silicon Valley's eminent venture capitalist, calls Barksdale the "gold standard" that every start-up company is looking for. And Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, said that without Barksdale, the company "would be a smoking crater in the ground."But if there is one question about Barksdale--a Mississippi native whose family tree includes a Confederate general--it is whether his skills as a corporate strategist will be enough to guide Netscape to safety in time. Barksdale has mapped a difficult course that depends on Netscape's ability to compete with IBM and Microsoft in selling communications software to businesses. Many wonder whether Barksdale can steer the Mountain View company to a defensible position, or whether it is in a battle with Microsoft it can't win. "The measure of a great CEO is their ability to weather crises," said David Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School who is writing a book on Netscape. "The verdict on Jim Barksdale will be written in the next six to 12 months."In late 1994, over dinner at a restaurant near the San Francisco airport, Barksdale listened to pitches from the three men who started Netscape: Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jim Clark, programming whiz Andreessen and venture capitalist Doerr. Barksdale had already turned down lucrative offers from AT&T, where many believe he had a shot to become CEO, when that company purchased McCaw. Microsoft made a run at him too, but Barksdale balked at standing in the shadows of Gates, Steve Ballmer and other Microsoft giants. By the time Netscape approached him, Andreessen recalls, "we were auditioning for him, rather than the reverse." Barksdale was intrigued by the potential of Netscape, whose software was the vehicle for navigating the Internet. But the deal wasn't sealed until Clark had called him dozens of times and agreed to give him nearly 12% of the company. When Barksdale finally arrived in early 1995, he set an unmistakable tone."My general principle is that we can run this thing based on facts or opinions," Barksdale said during his first staff meeting. "If we want to run on facts, I'll take anyone's. If we want to run on opinions, we'll use mine." Colleagues describe Barksdale's management style as a combination of gentle nudges and firm decisions. He is deeply analytical and well-read, fond of Faulkner but more likely to quote the military teachings of Von Clausewitz. He is best known, however, for his vast mental library of Southern homilies. "The main thing is to make sure that the main thing stays the main thing" is one of his favorites. "When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail" is another. * Stories about him tend to dwell on these "Barksdaleisms," and colleagues chide him about them. To Barksdale, they have become a source of embarrassment. "It makes me sound sort of canned," he said, "like I'm a one-track person, or trite." But his Southern mannerisms are an integral part of his identity, and rivals say they often work to his advantage. "His aw-shucks, country boy demeanor is misleading," said Nathan Myhrvold, chief technology officer at Microsoft and one of Gates' closest advisors. "No one should think of Jim Barksdale as other than very sophisticated, very capable and very smart." Myhrvold maintains that he was hoodwinked by the Barksdale charm several years ago, when Microsoft and Netscape explored a partnership. Netscape's only purpose in the meetings, Myhrvold now suspects, was reconnaissance. "People here said Netscape's participation was a ploy and I was being fooled," Myhrvold said. "It's very hard for me to make an argument in another direction." Barksdale said both sides were deeply suspicious and approached each other like wary dogs, "just circlin' and sniffin'." * Jim's success is only slightly above average in the competitive Barksdale clan. The eldest of the six brothers, an IBM salesman, died of cancer at 36. The others are a federal judge, a cardiologist, a former bank chairman and a high-ranking attorney for BellSouth Corp. The boys seem to have acquired their social skills from their father, Jack, a natural conversationalist equally comfortable among the elite and the poor of Jackson, Miss. He was warden of his church, president of the University of Mississippi Alumni Assn. and a vice president of Deposit Guaranty Bank.But the Barksdale brothers were particularly attached to their mother, a pillar of strength in the family. Mary Bryan Barksdale spent the last 20 years of her life in a wheelchair, crippled by arthritis, with nary a complaint. Throughout her life, she set high standards for herself and her boys. While Jim was in high school, there was a rash of pregnancies among some of his well-to-do classmates. Fearful that Jim's girlfriend might be next, his mother grounded him for a month as a preventive measure. But she was trusting in other ways. To foster Jim's interest in art, Mary Barksdale allowed her son to paint a mural of pine boughs on the dining room wall that remained until the house was sold decades later. Blessed with his father's grace and mother's grit, Barksdale gravitated to leadership roles from an early age. "If there was a group of neighborhood kids wondering whether to go throw rocks or play football," said older brother Tom, "Jim would lead that discussion." He was class president in high school (although he spent summers working for a power company in Texas), president of his fraternity at the University of Mississippi and a rising star in the sales ranks at IBM. His big break came when he was managing computer systems for a conglomerate called Cook Industries. Cook went bust in the late 1970s and Federal Express bought the company's systems and hired Barksdale to manage them. At FedEx (now FDX Corp.), Barksdale worked for Fred Smith, one of the most influential chief executives of the modern era. Smith had written a paper at Yale University about building a shipping business using a hub-and-spoke delivery network analogous to the telephone industry. The paper got a failing grade, but the business became a blockbuster. Barksdale played a key role, assembling a revolutionary computer system to track FedEx packages. In 1983, he was named chief operating officer, and over the next eight years sales grew from $1 billion to $7.7 billion. Barksdale mastered the details of the business, even getting his pilot's license to better understand the demands on the company's pilots. He began to earn a reputation as a thoughtful but demanding manager of people. Much of his management style came from Smith, an innovative leader who allowed employees to air their grievances directly to top management during weekly courtroom-like sessions."We heard 20 to 30 cases a week for eight years," Barksdale said. "I got to see every conceivable employee situation--matters of productivity, personal tragedy and blatant management abuse." (Well, almost every employee situation. Barksdale was taken aback by the reaction to his decision last year to ban dogs from Netscape offices. Employees protested by dressing up a golden retriever to look like a goldfish. Barksdale promptly backed down.) In 1992, employees formed a line in the FedEx parking lot to say goodbye to Barksdale, who left to join McCaw Cellular in Seattle, where he was lavished with stock and given greater management control. As president, he helped founder Craig McCaw build a $3-billion cell phone empire from scratch. But when the company was bought by AT&T in 1994, Barksdale bolted for Netscape. "At Federal Express, Barksdale was considered a god," said Philip Greer, a longtime friend and member of the FedEx board. "But this is not a guy who wanted to go out as a good lieutenant. He wanted to prove himself as a CEO." For that, he chose a monumentally difficult proving ground. * From the beginning, expectations surrounding Netscape have been enormous. Its stock offering was one of the hottest ever. The company seemed to represent all the possibilities of the Internet itself. And if that wasn't enough pressure, Clark and others believed Netscape was Silicon Valley's best hope for overthrowing Microsoft. Barksdale's job was to deliver on these expectations, something that may have been impossible no matter his capabilities. Microsoft responded to this new threat with a furious assault on Netscape. The software giant created a rival Internet browser, gave it away and bundled it with its ubiquitous Windows operating system. Microsoft's share of the market has risen from zero to about 40%, mostly at Netscape's expense. A stung Netscape responded with flip-flops that left analysts scratching their heads and rivals snickering. The company started out offering its browser for free, then began charging for it in 1995, then made it free again a few weeks ago. Last year Netscape tried bundling its browser inside a suite of products called Communicator, only to reverse that decision when sales stalled. "I have trouble understanding Netscape's strategy," said Microsoft's Mhyrvold. "First it's the browser war, and then there's no war. We're going to integrate everything; no we're not. It's the client; no, it's the server. There's a virtue to being quick on your feet, but having a strategy du jour is not a good thing." Netscape lobbied aggressively to get the Justice Department to bring its recent lawsuit against Microsoft, which accuses the behemoth of antitrust violations in forcing PC makers to carry its browser--not Netscape's--or be denied the Windows operating system.But even if Microsoft loses the case, Netscape has lost all hope of making money on browser sales. So Barksdale has hitched the company to two sources of revenue: fees paid by advertisers on the popular Netscape Web site and sales of networking software to big corporations. But IBM and Microsoft dominate the market for these "groupware" products that manage corporate e-mail and allow employees to collaborate electronically. Further, it's a high-stakes market in which customers ponder decisions for months and get spooked by any signs of trouble, such as Netscape's recent layoffs and rumors that the company might be an acquisition target. Last week, the company's stock jumped 35% amid speculation that Netscape was in talks to sell all or part of its business to Oracle Corp., IBM, Sun Microsystems Inc. or America Online Inc. Barksdale declined to comment. The CEO, who spent most of his career buying software, has shown a talent for selling it to customers that include Chrysler Corp. and Boeing Co. He rightly points out that Netscape, with 2,800 employees and sales of $534 million last year, is far larger than Microsoft was at the same age. And Netscape's troops seem happy with their leader. "I think of him as a Confederate general," says Clark, who made his first fortune founding Silicon Graphics Inc. "I only wish his job weren't so difficult." In fact, there was a Gen. William Barksdale in the Confederacy, a flashy, hot-tempered man who led a brazen charge across a peach orchard at Gettysburg, overrunning five Union regiments before being felled by six shots, including one that cost him a foot. * Some have drawn parallels between the Civil War and the browser wars. Netscape, the theory goes, is like the Confederacy: smaller, nimbler and dependent on wile and valor. But Microsoft, like the Union, has impressive leadership of its own, along with abundant resources and troops. Financially, Barksdale doesn't need to endure these battles. He and his wife of 33 years, Sally, live in Palo Alto. They could easily retire to their house in Aspen, Colo., or another they are building in Mississippi. Barksdale takes a nominal salary of $1 a year, but his Netscape stock and other holdings are estimated to be worth several hundred million dollars. Like many of the commanders he admires, Barksdale is motivated less by the spoils of combat than the thrill of being part of it. "It's things you tell your grandchildren about," Barksdale said. "I was there during the great browser wars."

Ben Moore10/28/2018

Ben Moore I remember when Barksdale testified before a Congressional hearing on the Microsoft anti-trust case. It was principally about Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. Barksdale was speaking to a group of reporters after his testimony and they asked him if he thought that Microsoft was a monopoly. He asked them how many of them were using Windows. Almost all their hands went up. He replied "Then I'd call that a monopoly."

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/28/2018

Jim Barksdale before Congress 1 ·

Subject: Anyone interested in or knows someone interested in a F/T job as a dispatcher. Monday - Friday with ...

Donna Rae Meza10/28/2018

Anyone interested in or knows someone interested in a F/T job as a dispatcher. Monday - Friday with benefits off on weekends. Monday - 9AM to 8:30 PM Tue-Fri - 11AM to 8:30 PM Please let me know. In Charlotte NC.

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/28/2018

FedEx TriviaCurrently, how many full blown Flight simulators for pilot training are located in Memphis???a. 12 b. 20 c. 26 d. 30

Deby Abbott Jolley10/28/2018

Deby Abbott Jolley B

Phillip Trujillo10/28/2018

Phillip Trujillo A

Jon Peacock10/29/2018

Jon Peacock C

Clayton Roderick10/29/2018

Clayton Roderick A :) Guessing :) Edited · 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

Answer: is C or 20 full motion flight simulators; there are also 6 additional simulators without motion. Edited · 1 ·

Subject: Too Funny

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

Too FunnyIBM just spent $34Billion on Red Hat

Ben Moore10/29/2018

Ben Moore Too late for that.

Kathleen Towle10/29/2018

Kathleen Towle Wish we still had mainframe!!!

Linda Cook Thorn10/31/2018

Linda Cook Thorn Love it ! Haha!

Subject: Let's all be there!

Tracy Willis10/29/2018

Let's all be there!

Loretta Cameron10/31/2018

Loretta Cameron Congratulations.

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus10/31/2018

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus Welcome to the club! Congratulations

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

FedEx History TriviaAt one point in FedEx's history the CIO , on his own, ordered a non-IBM mainframe.Who was the CIO?What company did he order it from?

Peggy Williams10/29/2018

Peggy Williams Jim Barksdale? I have no idea.

Carl Wayne Hardeman10/29/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman Does Tandem count?

Ben Moore10/29/2018

Ben Moore Dennis Jones ordered an Hitachi. 1 ·

Buddy Johnson10/29/2018

Buddy Johnson Dennis seemed to hate IBM hardware and their application programmers

Larry Smithson10/29/2018

Larry Smithson "burdensome pariah", if I recall the quote correctly Edited · 3 ·

Buddy Johnson10/29/2018

Buddy Johnson Larry Smithson You nailed it. Hope you are doing well 😊😊 1 ·

Larry Smithson10/29/2018

Larry Smithson Yep, still hangin' in there...thanks. 1 ·

Andy Applegate10/29/2018

Andy Applegate I forgot the "burdensome" part.

Ben Moore10/30/2018

Ben Moore Buddy Johnson Let's don't leave mainframe system programmers off Dennis' list.

Buddy Johnson10/30/2018

Buddy Johnson Ben Moore that’s the application programmers

Linda Cook Thorn10/31/2018

Linda Cook Thorn That’s true.

Linda Cook Thorn10/31/2018

Linda Cook Thorn Ben Moore you mean the piraya

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

Ben is correct.

Peggy Williams10/29/2018

Peggy Williams Darn, forgot about Dennis Jones, isn’t the Collierville campus named for him.

Jill Brown10/29/2018

Jill Brown Yes

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/29/2018

I think Building 50, the central building is named after him. And there is an honorary plaque on Building 25? the ops building, and it was dedicated to Jimmy Sowell, if my memory is still intact.

Buddy Johnson10/29/2018

Buddy Johnson Jimmy Glenn Burk that is correct.

Carl Wayne Hardeman10/30/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman I remember the Hitachi buy as a bargaining strategy for dealing with IBM mainframe prices. But I never heard any of the details. Edited ·

Ben Moore10/30/2018

Ben Moore At one point, Jim Covington took tape and laid out the footprint of an Hitachi processor on the floor in the CPU room. Of course it was in a place where the IBM engineers had to walk over it. 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/30/2018

What I remember and what I was told... Shortly after DHJ was promoted to CIO he set up a technology tour to the West Coast. I think about 15 of us headed out on the corporate jet to see SUN, HP, CISCO, and several other tech companies. Ed White was to be on this trip, but was told at the last minute that he needed to stay in Memphis and find space in the Computer room to install the new Hitachi that DHJ had purchased. When we arrived on the west coast, DHJ went to a dinner with Hitachi. What I remember hearing was that whenever benchmarks were done on the Hitachi, it didn't have the performance that was promised. So it didn't work out. One of the blessings of this trip......and thanks to Dennis for following thru with Fred Smith was the following...... He wanted to have somewhat of a west coast atmosphere in IT, and at every stop he asked about morale and dress code. Except for marketing and sales, most of the technical presenters had on jeans and a collared shirt. Those that did have collared shirts said they only had dressed up because they heard fedex was coming and they generally wore t-shirts and flip flops... It was a wonderful day when we got to stop wearing ties and dressing up each day. 2 ·

Ben Moore10/30/2018

Ben Moore While we're on Dennis Jones stories, Computer Operations took a trip to IBM in Poughkeepsie in late 1991 to look at IBM mainframes. Ed White organized it and Dennis went with us. We took a Challenger. On the way back Dennis told us we had another stop in New Jersey. We landed at EWR and went to Unix System Laboratories in Summit, NJ. While we were there the USL folks showed us their latest system, UNIX System V Release 4. Dennis ate it up, especially the XWindows presentation services. When we got back to EWR Jim Perkins was there waiting for a ride back to MEM.

Carl Wayne Hardeman10/30/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman Some of us need to get together to record this history in s book with net proceeds to St Jude. I have a view that includes what DHJ was trying to do based on what SUN and HP and Sybase etc were telling him about mainframes being dead. Several of us had a Silicone Valley technical trip where IBM said IMS would not be grown anymore due to small customer base. Their own salesmen disagreed. And it did not happen even though we did a long slow conversion of many systems to Client Server. The obstacles in that conversion were many and each of us has part of that list. One interesting obstacle was the user community not wanting to fund what they viewed as a technology conversion only. It’s important to stress no side was all right or all wrong and the expertise and resilience of our technical staff continue to this day making our IT environment world class. 1 ·

Carl Wayne Hardeman10/30/2018

Carl Wayne Hardeman DHJ must get the credit for the Collierville facility and its campus layout and for me working two miles from my house. Remember the concrete benches outside with phone and lan connections? Edited · 1 ·

Subject: Got the 2019 Health Care Packet today. For my wife pre 65 Consumer Choice an increase of $56.00 per ...

Richard Maingault10/29/2018

Got the 2019 Health Care Packet today. For my wife pre 65 Consumer Choice an increase of $56.00 per month. There are some other changes such as a different method of spending your HRA account. It no longer be managed by Cigna and automatically paid, but you now will be issued a payment card that allows you to spend the account whenever you wish. A few other things, but this is my take away so far.

Danielle Harnisch10/29/2018

Danielle Harnisch Thanks!!!!

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/31/2018

FedEx History Trivia

The situations below are examples of what type of FedEx Field award?-

-Mike Horton received the award for delivering his packages on a borrowed bicycle when his van broke down.

-a courier drove over 200 miles out of her way on Christmas Eve to deliver medicine to a sick child

-Melody Harrison tracked down the location and condition of a fellow driver, drove 40 miles to him, spent an hour prying open the van and made certain all the packages made the flight to the Memphis Hub

Kathy Patrick10/31/2018

Kathy Patrick Purple Promise 3 ·

Linda Cook Thorn10/31/2018

Linda Cook Thorn Awesome! Love Fedex and always have. Employees are top notch🙏🏻❤️💙🇺🇸💕🙏🏻 2 ·

Mary Drummond10/31/2018

Mary Drummond Above and Beyond, golden package, absolutely positively...

Al Cox10/31/2018

Al Cox Bravo Zulo..... 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/1/2018

Answer: Golden Falcon Award 1 ·

Subject: For those of us who are pre-65, today is supposed to be enrollment day #1 for 2019 healthcare.

Jodie Harden11/1/2018

For those of us who are pre-65, today is supposed to be enrollment day #1 for 2019 healthcare.Anybody having any luck actually completing this???After logging in, when I try to “evaluate my options”, I constantly get an error message of “.......unavailable”.And of course, the “help” line can only “open a ticket and get me a callback within 24 hours”!As a retired IT person, why does this happen every time we try to use a system like this? I never would’ve made it to retirement, if I implemented systems like this!Fred Smith needs to create a “feedback Council” for retirees, to hear how poorly we are supported!!!

Debora Williams Waller11/1/2018

Debora Williams Waller Jodie, I feared we'd have problems again this year. I haven't started the process yet. I also worked with IT during most of my 35 year career and you are right, we would never have rolled out a system that did not exceed the cutomers needs.

Larry Ratliff11/1/2018

Larry Ratliff All I can say is good luck. We have been trying to get info from Corporate every year on benefits and changed but they see fit not to respond.

David Warren11/1/2018

David Warren Preach!!! I believe a lady named Janet Phillippi is the retirement/benefit something at FedEx - she would be a start. Edited ·

Dave Hansen11/1/2018

Dave Hansen You might try using a dufferent browser. Some things (even at Fedex) don't play well with Chrome for example. Try firefox or IE. Of course this is coming from someone still employed at Fedex.

Jodie Harden11/1/2018

Jodie Harden Been there, tried that!!! But, “if” that was the solution, we (as FedEx) would still have a lousy system if it’s “browser specific”! 1 ·

Susan Tutor Tackett11/1/2018

Susan Tutor Tackett Since the FedEx Cigna insurance has gone up so much I am thinking about switching. Anybody have an insurance company that is cheaper and that you like and meets your needs?

Lee Holcomb11/1/2018

Lee Holcomb Did anyone else notice in the book they sent that it says Memphis area Retirees NOT eligible for 70 Broad (asterisked on pgs 23-26)? Yet when I received my letter that's what I'm defaulted to. What am I missing? And, what is the difference between Broad and this insurance sense? Same columns and same premiums. Geesh!!!

Jodie Harden11/1/2018

Jodie Harden That’s why I was trying to login today. There’s a way to compare plans, to show you the differences between various plans but the site doesn’t work. 1 ·

John Wilkinson11/1/2018

John Wilkinson It took me a while but it looks like the difference between the broad and narrow plans are that the narrow has a smaller selection of in network providers but offers free generics. In my book it is on page three as the third subpoint under the first bullet item.

Lee Holcomb11/1/2018

Lee Holcomb John Wilkinson I see that. Thanks. Basically, what it boils down to is Broad has larger selection of in-network providers than Narrow but you GET TO pay the same premium. 🤓 Also, pg 6, top left says if you are in Cons Choice now and don't do anything, you default to 70 Narrow. That's what I'm in and my letter says I will default to 70 Broad...and the book says 70 Broad is not available to. Memphis area retirees. Is this not just a big ole mess...again? 1 ·

Martha Thomas11/1/2018

Martha Thomas Jodie, you are 100% correct. I am the President of FedEx Retiree Club and am attempting to set up a meeting at FedEx to open communication lines about issues retirees are having - primarily with benefits - but not exclusively. Anyone reading this can send me a short private message so we can add your issues to our list. We WILL NOT talk about individual issues. HIPPA law does not allow that. We are trying to identify trends and issues which impact larger numbers of people. The issue you described would certainly be one that should be added. 2 ·

Jodie Harden11/1/2018

Jodie Harden That’s great and I’d love to participate in the discussion, if you’d allow me to. I have more examples of the shortcomings we retirees face, than just this one. 2 ·

Laura Ladd Beard11/1/2018

Laura Ladd Beard Jodie Harden hey, Jodie. Here we go again. I have company for a few days so I hope you figure this out sooner than later. 😊

Martha Thomas11/1/2018

Martha Thomas Jodie Harden we are actually meeting at the company. We want to keep it to officers of the retiree club. We aren’t setting up a Q&A session yet, but that might well come out of the meeting. Just need input right now.

Jodie Harden11/2/2018

Jodie Harden So today I decided to “give up on trying to use the comparison options” on the website and just attempt my enrollment, to see what plans I could select from. (Since there has been a discrepancy between whether or not we could select the 70 Broad plan, I thought this path might answer that question) So, once I selected “Enrollment”, I was taken to a screen that showed me “what options I would automatically be enrolled in, if I chose not to make any selection choices at all”. AND.....,My default Medical plan choice was “70 Broad”! So, I printed that information and completed my enrollment. Now, I wait and “see what happens”! 🤔😳🙏🏻 3 ·

Lisa Daniel11/3/2018

Lisa Daniel Jodie Harden I enrolled today and went with FedEx retiree 70 broad. The 80 broad was $3000 more and the annual deductible was only $1750 less

Chris Jones11/3/2018

Chris Jones Martha Thomas I sent you a message with info about YSA. We’re not FB friends so it may have gone to some special folder in your messenger

Martha Thomas11/3/2018

Martha Thomas Chris Jones got it.

Connie Morgan11/2/2018

Connie Morgan Contacted the service center 1-800-604-6221 and got the AON YSA recording. Finally got an employee and questioned if the monthly deposits for 2019 would remain the same as 2018. Mine is a set amount - direct deposited after the 5th of each month. She told me if there was an increase in my health premium cost (mine is increasing by $6.00) - I would need to set up my YSA again for 2019. She then transferred me to the Health Plan Enrollment department. I completed my medical/dental/vision election over the phone. Bless his heart. I could barely understand his accent. He had to spell out a couple things for me. Bencal was Dental. I did receive a confirmation # for today's call. Logged into the site and verified my changes today. I will not receive any documentation on my choices until after 11/16/2018. Did not see any options to set up 2019 YSA direct deposits. I think we had to do this during the month of January 2018?? Jodie Harden/Martha Thomas - can you follow up in your Retiree Club meeting about the AON YSA "yearly" enrollment please?

Martha Thomas11/3/2018

Martha Thomas Connie Morgan yes. Thank for the question. 1 ·

Chris Jones11/3/2018

Chris Jones I’ve been having issues with YSA the last few months. They seem to be the only company in the world that doesn’t work 24x7—nothing processes on weekends?!? Decided today that I need to complain to FedEx about but not sure who. Anybody else having issues with them? I am going to switch to automatic reimbursement next month. They did tell me that would solve my problems—excuse me their problem

David Warren11/3/2018

David Warren It's pitiful. Horrible. US has to communicate with India, nothing happens quickly. System crashes. People say they will get back to you and don't. 1 ·

Subject: Heads up to those soon turning 65 and going on Medicare: you may have trouble with your Pension chec ...

Marsha Terry Rider11/2/2018

Heads up to those soon turning 65 and going on Medicare: you may have trouble with your Pension check deduction not automatically being stopped at the end of your last month of FedEx Medical benefits. That happened to me. Because of other problems I was having with the retirements website (my account was locked up over 2 weeks - that's another story) I would have had time to call them to have the deduction removed manually. According to the agent I spoke with, it is SUPPOSED to stop automatically but it didn't. I had a real pension check not a bank account deposit which would at least make my reimbursement happen quicker but I'd rather not have yet another entity involved in case of problems like this. In either case you may consider calling them after your last deduction occurs (first of the month before you go on Medicare, presuming you go on it the 1st of the month of your 65th birthday.) It can save you a lot of grief.

Debora Williams Waller11/2/2018

Debora Williams Waller I passed your message on. Edited ·

Marsha Terry Rider11/2/2018

Marsha Terry Rider to clarify - after your last deduction that occurs on the first of the month of THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MONTH you go on Medicare. Ex. starting medicare on Nov. 1st, call shortly after Oct. 1st.

Subject: How the DC-10 Earned A Dangerous Reputation

Clayton Roderick11/3/2018

How the DC-10 Earned A Dangerous Reputation

Donald Riggs11/3/2018

Donald Riggs I think the DC-10 was one of the safest planes ever built? A true workhorse still in the air after 50 years! 3 ·

Nancy Muffett Pirani11/4/2018

Nancy Muffett Pirani I agree!

Donald Riggs11/5/2018

Donald Riggs Nancy Muffett Pirani thanks! 1 ·

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/3/2018

FedEx History TriviaWhat is this called and what was it used for in the history of Federal Express?

Winn Stephenson11/3/2018

Winn Stephenson It is an NEC-APC. It has 2 - 8" floppies with 320kb each. Color monitor. I used to program on this at home and still have one carefully packed away. I'm thinking it was a precursor to the Powership systems? 4 ·

Kathy Patrick11/3/2018

Kathy Patrick Powership 1 - customers could track packages. 😀

Ronnie Campbell11/3/2018

Ronnie Campbell Supermeter 1 ·

Debby Black Franklin11/3/2018

Debby Black Franklin Ronnie Campbell "Error reading drive B" 😱. Shipping system for customers. After the Epson meter and before Powership. Drive A was the Program disk drive; Drive B contained the Customer information. 💙 Edited · 2 ·

Jim McBryde11/3/2018

Jim McBryde Debby Black Franklin and there was a green floppy used to back up the customer info. 2 ·

Ben Moore11/3/2018

Ben Moore A place to store frisbees? 1 ·

Clayton Roderick11/3/2018

Clayton Roderick Looks likes the head off the first Gemini Zapmailer 2 ·

Bob Baxter11/3/2018

Bob Baxter It was used as the operator interface for the first generation Zapmailer Image Processing System. Little known fact... Johnny Williams and I brought the first 20 systems from Japan in 1983 on a Flying Tigers 747! About 6 years before Federal Express acquired Flying Tigers. 4 ·

Bob Baxter11/6/2018

Bob Baxter Fortunately there was a Tigers employee on board who knew how to run the oven. After we landed in Anchorage (that was a surprise that no one told us about - we thought we were going straight to SFO) several off-duty Flying Tigers flight attendants boarded for the last leg to SFO and made sure we were fed and comfortable. Very memorable trip!

Linda Brigance11/5/2018

Linda Brigance It was an NEC Powership 1. I programmed it along with Tim, Joey and Luke. We worked for Roy Hawkins and it was the best years at FedEx. Well, along with the other 30 plus wonderful years. 🙂. Jimmy M was our tough business partner who kept us in line. Edited · 4 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Triva

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/3/2018

FedEx IT History TrivaAnswer any of the following questionsWhat is this device? What was it used for? Who first programmed it?

Mary A Johnson11/4/2018

Mary A Johnson Is that one of the early Automation devices?

Allen Nuzik11/4/2018

Allen Nuzik Epson HX-20 computer

Laurie A. Tucker11/4/2018

Laurie A. Tucker That is one of the first Powerships. It had a little cassette tape that couriers had to retrieve and we processed. Not real efficient but the start of an era! 2 ·

Ron Houston11/4/2018

Ron Houston "Metered" billing. . . ?

Ron Houston11/4/2018

Ron Houston In Production Control, Sharon Gunlock and I used to take turns loading the tapes - micro-tapes for billing. - I think Buddy Johnson - may have been involved. ;) Can't remember exactly - that was one of my first jobs at FedEx - I started in Clark Tower and we moved about a month later to Module I. 1 ·

Ron Houston11/4/2018

Ron Houston In Production Control, Sharon Gunlock and I used to take turns loading the tapes - micro-cassette tapes for billing. - I think Buddy Johnson - may have been involved. ;) Can't remember exactly - that was one of my first jobs at FedEx, after leaving the Hub - I started in Clark Tower and we moved about a month later to Module I. Edited · 1 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/12/2018

Answers were correct. This is the Epson meter with micro cassettes. First programmer I think was Steve Stewart.

Subject: FedEx History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/5/2018

FedEx History Trivia

Which of the following statements are true??a. Fred Smith hasn't always had Employee number 00001

b. Fred Smith has always been the top management employee

c. FWS was sued by his sisters because he invested their trust money in Federal Express

d. Fred Smith flew one of the Falcons to make package deliveries

Mark Baugh11/5/2018

Mark Baugh A and C are true, B is false, I don’t know about D. 1 ·

Don Rose11/5/2018

Don Rose I agree with Mark. I know Fred flew the Falcons but don't know about pkg deliveries.

Peter Dangerfield11/5/2018

Peter Dangerfield I thought C was correct? D don't think so

Ben Moore11/5/2018

Ben Moore Personnel gave Fred employee #1 for his birthday one year. Edited · 3 ·

Linda Brigance11/5/2018

Linda Brigance I think all are true. ??

Ann Hoff Crum11/5/2018

Ann Hoff Crum A.

Marsha Terry Rider11/5/2018

Marsha Terry Rider A. is untrue. Warren Cooper was #1 because he was the senior Cook IT employee that came to FedEx. However, SOMEone decided Fred should be #1. Others are probably true. 1 ·

Don Rose11/5/2018

Don Rose Marsha, we didn't buy Cook's IT dept until 1978. Warren Cooper was not an issue when emp #s were assigned back in 72-73.

Subject: FedExr Update Here is an update from Heidi Amling who came with the Flying Tigers acquistion. She wo ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/5/2018

FedExr Update

Here is an update from Heidi Amling who came with the Flying Tigers acquistion. She worked in LA on KIAC and on International committees on Freight transportation. ---------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jimmy,What a nice surprise hearing from you. Hope all is well with you and your family.We are doing well and just returned from our 2 1/2 month European trip.You may recall, I remarried in 2007, a few years after my first husband passed away ( 2002).Kevin is from England and retired from British Airways. We kept his house in London and are spending several month of the year there, mostly in summer. This gives us a nice base for our European trips or anywhere else in the world, especially with his worldwide, free, first class BA flight privileges.I am still in touch with some of the old Tiger crew and have lunch/ dinner with some of them. Lonne ( my Secretary ) just moved to Arroyo Grande ( approx 3 hours north of LA) to be with her daughter and grand children.Dennis Slepak is now living in Henderson ( Las Vegas) and Mike Bobic is still here in LA.We have visited Dennis a few times and he stayed with us in London for a week,in May this year, after his Med Cruise.Mike has also visited us in London several times and we have been on several trips and cruises together. This year Poland and Croatia and last year South Africa,Zambia and Botswana. In 2 weeks he is leaving on a cruise to the Amazon river and we are leaving with friends for a 9 day trip to Cuba.Earlier this year, in April, we treated my step-daughter and her husband to a 9 day Cherry blossom viewing trip in Japan. Even so Kevin and I have been in Japan before, it was always just for a few days in Tokyo, working. This time we traveled around on the bullet trains to Mount Fuji and different cities. Just great!As you can see, we are keeping busy and having fun doing so.I hope very much that you are also enjoying your retirement ...and Take care .... Heidi

David Warren11/5/2018

David Warren Know her well. Provided I.T. recruiting support to her in LAX, Jim Tollefson in COS. Good people. 1 ·

Subject: If you or your spouse is moving to Medicare next year, you may want to check online to insure that y ...

John Wilkinson11/6/2018

If you or your spouse is moving to Medicare next year, you may want to check online to insure that your choices are correct for after they move to Medicare. I received an email today stating that my healthcare choices are set for after my wife leaves for medicare. Since I had already made my 2019 choices, I went online to see what I could see. It turns out that due to a bug/timing issue, they had repeated the equivalency of what I had in 2018 rather than what I had selected for 2019 for me after my wife leaves for Medicare. This resulted in my dental coverage being dropped. I called in and they fixed it manually. The choices I had made for 2019 were correct for before she moves to Medicare.

Debora Williams Waller11/6/2018

Debora Williams Waller Do the problems ever stop with this vendor? 1 ·

Hugh Wardlaw11/6/2018

Hugh Wardlaw Remember to select both parts A and B when looking at beginning medicare. Look at whatever info is at hand to determine what best satisfies your needs. 3 ·

Subject: FedEx IT History Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/6/2018

FedEx IT History Trivia the mid 80's did Dennis Jones & Laurie Tucker increase the number of Customer Automation devices by over 20,000+ in a short period of time???

Marilyn May11/6/2018

Marilyn May Yes 1 ·

Jim McBryde11/6/2018

Jim McBryde When we were hired to install the supermeter in customer warehouses. we met with fred and Ron ponder before heading out to the field. Fred said that within 5 years there would be 100,000 customers with supermeters. We looked at each other. How could the 12 of us possibly make that goal. At the time, we reported up through sales. Within a year, we were joined by all the trainers and tech support reps for zapmail and we were off to the races and customer automation began as its own entity. We made the goal. 6 ·

Mary A Johnson11/6/2018

Mary A Johnson Sounds about right, we were sending them out the door by the planeload and providing many of our customers with free 'home' PCs. 1 ·

Tom Sullivan11/6/2018

Tom Sullivan FWS has remarkable vision.He sees things happening that most others consider next to impossible.I hope he groomed someone for the future. 2 ·

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/8/2018

Answer: There were at least 3 reasons, and possibly more... #1 prices on PC's were coming down #2 The Powership team had converted the primary objective of customer automation from just helping customers prepare airbills, to becoming a major billing and tracking device. The number of shipments daily to justify a Powership device was lowered #3 When Zapmail was shut down, the Zapmail SVP had made committments to purchase more Zapmailer 2's...beyond the initial 12,000; I think only about 6000 were deployed. NEC who built the devices told FedEx that they could cancel the zapmailer orders as long as they spent the money on any NEC products. Dennis volunteered to take 20,000 pc's (I think) and they were used to increase the Powership population thus automating more customers ; They later vastly increased the customers via Powership 3, Powership Plus(EDI),, software only automation and other options for customers. FedEx Global Home - Choose Your Location 1 ·

Subject: Congrats on Retirement Announcement

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/7/2018

Congrats on Retirement AnnouncementDonna Humphreys is retiring from FedEx, effective January 1, 2019.

Gary Phillips11/7/2018

Gary Phillips Congratulations Donna!!

Kay Brown Moody11/7/2018

Kay Brown Moody Congrats!

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli11/8/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli July of 2022 for me!! Edited · 1 ·

Jeannie Owens11/7/2018

Jeannie Owens Congratulations Donna!

Pat Woodruff Gunter11/8/2018

Pat Woodruff Gunter Congratulations Donna!!

Subject: Question from Buddy Johnson:

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/7/2018

Question from Buddy Johnson:What is our Corp discount with AT&T?

John Wilkinson11/7/2018

John Wilkinson I didn't get any discount on the service, but got a slight discount on the data. The guy I worked with wasn't certain if I should get it as a retiree, but gave it to me since I had an id card.

Jimmy Glenn Burk11/7/2018

From what I remember, if you had service before you retired AT&T usually doesn't cancel service and you can continue. A few retirees have inquired and I think they were told retirees aren't eligible. Following is what is on my account: FED EX CORP - 00040715 25% off eligible wireless accessories 22% off the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans, including Mobile Share PlusSM Waived activation fees with select activations

Fred Curcio11/7/2018

Fred Curcio If you are a Veteran remember to ask for that discount also. I use T-Mobile and their Vet discount works out better than AT&T or Verizon FedEx discount.

Debora Williams Waller11/8/2018

Debora Williams Waller FedEx Retirees are NOT eligible for discounts with the FedEx approved cell phone vendors such as AT&T. However, if you had a plan with one of the vendors at the time you retired from FedEx, then that vendor may continue to grant you those discounts. This is from the Retiree Club web site. 1 ·

Reid Martin11/8/2018

Reid Martin Debora Williams Waller I continue to get a discount from Sprint, but I had the plan before I retired.

Debora Williams Waller11/8/2018

Debora Williams Waller I continue to get my discount from Verizon also. The question was about ATT. Yes, Sprint offers discounts to FedEx Retirees and there is a Sprint Discount Code to present to them on the FedEx Retiree Club website. 1 ·

Subject: Fire on Board FedEx Flight 1406 - September 5, 1996

Clayton Roderick11/8/2018

Fire on Board FedEx Flight 1406 - September 5, 1996

Loretta Cameron11/8/2018

Loretta Cameron Great reenactment of tragedy. I bet those two jumpseaters were terrified. Pilots did outstanding job. Still love the old paint job on our planes. 1 ·

Lori London Raines11/8/2018

Lori London Raines Thank you for sharing. Sometimes we forget how phenomenal our flight crews are.So many flights they perform with expertise

Sherry Little11/8/2018

Sherry Little I remember that day!

Rogers Gossett11/8/2018

Rogers Gossett another good vid on this one,,, Fire on Board FedEx Flight 1406 - September 5, 1996 1 ·

Fire on Board FedEx Flight 1406 - September 5, 1996

Rogers Gossett11/8/2018

Rogers Gossett full CVR transcript here: Fedex 1406 CVR Transcript 1 ·

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli11/9/2018

Timothy Joseph Frassinelli Talk about dodging a bullet!! 1 ·

Subject: Glenda Williams > FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club

Glenda Williams11/8/2018

David Warren11/8/2018

David Warren I suspect the FedEx plan is gonna be cheaper than COBRA. 1 ·

Lynda Baker11/8/2018

Lynda Baker I am retired. The single coverage with no dental or eye is over 1200 a month 1 ·

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